Business Risk and Controls Officer

London, South East England

Job Description

Where you’ll fit in & what our team goals are….

In this role you will support the Director for Business Risk & Controls in helping business and functional heads within Global Operations & Investor Services (GOIS) discharge their first-line risk management obligations in line with policy and regulation.


How you’ll spend your time….


  • Review trends in Risk Events in business unit/function, to feed into Business Risk & Controls Director proposal of ‘Tone from the Top’ messaging from business head on Risk & Control

Operating Soundness

  • Reviews inventories/maps/KRIs that are impacted by Risk Events, Change Programmes or other events which may cause them to be updated and reissued – propose updates to inventory/map/KRI owners
  • Supports senior RLO in writing/reviewing select policies and procedures.
  • Runs tracker or project mgmt for controls remediation projects, as requested by the Business Risk & Controls Director
  • Coordinates BCP and operational resilience exercises, as requested by the Business Risk & Controls Director

Operational Risk Management

  • Supports the Business Risk & Controls Director in coordinating and performing risk assessment activities and RCC deep dives, prepares recommendations for presentation to BU/functional head
  • Ensures timely and accurate REV recording and proposes escalation
  • Oversees REV action remediation
  • Reviews risk trends and recommends actions
  • Conducts risk-based testing at the direction of the Business Risk & Controls Director
  • Supports the Business Risk & Controls Director in coordinating responses to findings from RLO testing, RCS assurance or SOX testing

Governance ie. BU control meeting / RCC

  • Supports preparation of agenda/papers for Business/Function control meeting
  • Support preparation of updates for Risk Controls Committee where required for escalation purposes

Risk expertise

  • Reviews internal and industry best practices, Risk/Compliance guidance, champions 2nd line Risk initiatives, makes recommendations to RLO

Required Qualifications

To be successful in this role you will have….

  • Risk/Control expertise: knowledge of current techniques in operational risk management, controls and operational soundness
  • Analysis: ability to assess data points (eg. inherent risk, crystallised risk, emerging risks, control effectiveness) to propose an actionable plan to bring data points into tolerance
  • Testing: ability to test control design, effectiveness and evidencing
  • Oversight: support Business Risk & Controls Director in oversight of unit/function deliverables with respect to the control environment
  • Governance: ability to create targeted and high-quality papers for governance forums, working at the direction of the Business Risk & Controls Director

Preferred Qualifications

If you also had this, it would be great….

  • Sound background in an audit function, operational risk, controls, or business management