Business Risk & Controls Director – Real Assets

London, South East England

Job Description

Where you’ll fit in & what our team goals are….

In this role in the Real Estate Operations and Infrastructure area, you will report to the Commercial and Operations Director – EMEA Real Assets.

You will be responsible for advising and supporting them and other business heads in discharging their first-line risk management obligations in line with policy and regulation.


How you’ll spend your time….


  • Supports Business Head in developing their Risk-related "Tone from Top" messaging by recommending/scripting messaging based on review of trends and issues.
  • Inputs to objective setting and appraisals as they relate to risk and controls.

Operating Soundness

  • Reviews, challenges, checks/coaches process owners on inventories/maps/KRIs.
  • Writes/reviews select policies and procedures.
  • Tracks and owns remediation projects (at request of BU head).
  • Runs BCP exercises and is responsible for operational resilience for that area.

Operational Risk Management
ie. Assessments (RCSA, Scenario Planning, Emerging Risk Analysis, Outsourcing Risk Analysis, Deep Dives), Trends (Risk Indicators, Risk Events, External Events), Findings (Business Risk & Controls testing, RCS assurance, Sox tests)

  • Coordinates and performs the risk assessment activities and Risk & Controls Committee deep dives, presents recommendations to BU head.
  • Escalates and ensures timely and accurate risk event recording.
  • Oversees risk event action remediation.
  • Reviews risk trends and recommends actions.
  • Designs/runs risk-based testing programme.
  • Oversees (and at request of business unit head) coordinates responses to findings from Business Risk & Controls testing, RCS assurance or SOx testing).

ie. BU control meeting / Risk & Controls Committee

  • Prepares agenda/papers for Business control meeting including proposing items for escalation.
  • Prepares updates for Risk & Controls Committee where required for escalation purposes.

Risk expertise

  • Reviews internal and industry best practices, Risk/Compliance guidance, champions 2nd line Risk initiatives, makes recommendations to BU head.
  • Coordinates with other senior Business Risk & Controls colleagues to ensure a consistent and coordinated level of service is provided to CTI EMEA, mentors junior Business Risk & Controls colleagues to develop their skills.

Required Qualifications

To be successful in this role you will have demonstrable and extensive experience in….

  • Risk/Control expertise: advanced knowledge of current techniques in operational risk management, controls and operational soundness.
  • Leadership: lead business unit with respect to operational risk management, controls and operational soundness.
  • Analysis: assess multiple data points to develop an actionable plan for bringing operational risk into tolerance.
  • Testing: knowledge of current techniques in control assurance, ability to devise testing programme and lead testers.
  • Oversight: put in place oversight mechanisms and oversee business unit deliverables with respect to the control environment.
  • Governance: design governance framework that support Business Unit head understanding and actioning of key issues; ability to identify and execute such escalations as are required.
  • Influence: influence senior management in the business unit to deliver on their operational risk responsibilities; able to champion, effectively, the success of 2nd line initiatives in their business unit.
  • Mentoring & Coordination: coordinate with/mentor other Business Risk & Controls colleagues to ensure alignment in services provided.

Preferred Qualifications

If you also had this, it would be great….

  • Solid experience in an operational risk, controls, business management or audit function from a property/infrastructure business.