Communications Lead (IT-Banking)

London, South East England
  • Work closely with the Sponsor, Product Owner & Engineering Community Lead to set an engaging curriculum and objectives for the guild
  • Take a leading role in driving the guild to achieving these objectives
  • Drive feedback loops and make informed improvements
  • Report on key measures e.g. learning hours, maturity model, mentoring hours
  • Collaborate with the Engineering Community lead and other guild leads to share and implement best practices
  • Lead regular meetings/Organise sessions and ensure they’re engaging and fun
  • Support knowledge capture and sharing within the guild
  • Connect with people across the organisation starting from few initial leads
  • Ensure a steady flow of people inside the Community of Practice (CoP)
  • Ensure the CoP produces a tangible output that can be shared more widely and offline
  • Help increasing adoption and engagement of such output through Inner Source
  • Build a resilient and self-sustainable community