Marketing Executive Apprentice

Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

Job Purpose

To provide marketing and administrative support to the Sales and Marketing manager and assist managing the show site and related materials

The role is supported by apprenticeship trainig through Starting Off.


Managing the Reception at the show site, greeting customers and guests and demonstrating T&K products and materials where required

Responsible for all marketing literature, collateral, and brochures ensuring they are up to date on the show site and available for the consultants

Providing Marketing literature support, creating new and updated sales collateral with Marketing functions

Handling Marketing Competition winners and prizes

Co-ordinating artwork and designs with Marketing Company to create vibrant and effective point of sales material

Taking overflow sales calls and booking appointments where necessary

Assisting developing the show site staging, how it is presented to the public, and ensuring all areas are clean and tidy with the correct materials

Managing sample, merchandising, and clothing request from the sales team. Being the first point of contact for all marketing materials

Assisting the Sales and Marketing manager with reporting and sales support queries where required

Follow up Customer Care Calls, checking that all customers are happy with the service provided

Ensuring the Technical Demonstration room is up to date and all samples are available

This is not an exhaustive list and will be subject to any other duties or responsibilities as required by the demands of the business and appropriate to the grade and level of this role.

Company Values

Integrity: To be honest & be guided by strong moral principles

Teamwork: To work together with a group of people to achieve our goals

Determination: To complete the job in full

Excellence: To have the drive to be outstanding in everything we do

Pride: To derive satisfaction from achieving our goals