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Diploma in Accounting & Information Processing- Level 3


Finance is central to an organisation. If you aspire to take on a role in the accounting or finance industry, here’s an excellent starting point. The Diploma in Accounting and Information Processing – Level 3 is designed to teach you about financial analysis and decision making and the contribution you make within this finance framework. The course is comprehensive and will demonstrate how to make effective business decisions and achieve financial goals. You will become adept at using financial tools to measure the financial performance of an organisation. You will also develop an ability to identify your financial skills and apply your expertise to your business decisions. Information processing is a skill that you will acquire by taking this course. You will learn to classify and record information and gain a better understanding of these practices in finances. The course is extensive and will discuss key modules in-depth and each topic will be explored fully to ensure learners gain a complete understanding of the subject matter. The Diploma in Accounting and Information Processing – Level 3 will provide you with an opportunity to understand a business environment, strategy and the financial framework to work effectively within an organisation. This course is a stepping stone to taking your career in accounting or finance to the next level. You will see the door open to exciting opportunities and future career prospects. Free E-certificate (No additional cost for E-certificates)

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What will I learn?

  • Understand the nature of financial information and processing
  • Learn how to effectively manage your financial decisions
  • Understand the role and responsibilities pertaining to financial analysis
  • Understand why accounting knowledge is valuable to business success
  • Learn of concepts and techniques to measure financial information

Access Duration

The course will be directly delivered to you, and you have 12 months access to the online learning platform from the date you joined the course. The course is self-paced and you can complete it in stages, revisiting the lectures at any time.

Course Curriculum

1: Accounting Information

2: The Accounting Profession and Careers

3: The Fundamental Accounting Equation

4: How Transactions Impact the Accounting Equation

5: The Core Financial Statements

6: Accounts, Debits and Credits

7: The Journal

8: The General Ledger

9: The Trial Balance

10: Computerized Processing Systems

11: T-accounts

Method of Assessment

In order to complete the Diploma in Accounting and Information Processing – Level 3, learners will have to take a mock exam and final exam.

  • No. of Questions: 30
  • Exam Duration: 40 minutes
  • Exam format: multiple questions