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Insurance Account Manager


This Insurance Account Manager is the only guide you need for learning the essential topics thoroughly and acquire the necessary skills for a special discounted price . With only 6 hours of training towards your CPD-accredited certificate and course materials designed by industry experts , any of your dreams in professional life can be turned into a reality. Our exclusive Insurance Account Manager follows an advanced curriculum with topics broken down into a total of 13 scaled-down modules for your ease of self-paced learning . These modules will assist you in grasping the basics and leading you to the steps of getting a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the Insurance Account Manager. The course materials designed by experts are easily accessible 24/7 by any of your smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets etc. Our expert instructors are available on weekdays to listen to any of your queries via email and help you in achieving your goals . Finally, you will receive a CPD-accredited certificate which will fast-track your career and showcase your expertise on this topic to excel in your professional life. This professional certification along with your in-depth understanding of the course materials will put you ahead in this sector as well as the relevant job market . Key Topics to Be Covered The basic elements and nature of an insurance management Primary and ancillary functions and benefits of Insurance The roles and responsibilities of an insurance account manager Elements and clauses of the insurance contract The four main types of insurance An overview of the Insurance Industry in the UK Risk management: The STARR system. The law of large numbers and how it works. Insurability criteria assessment Skills and qualifications of a successful insurance account manager. Learning Outcomes Learn about the basic principles and practices of insurance management Understand how insurance works Get a full overview of the UK insurance industry Discover different types of risks involved and how to address them. Learn the five basic ways to deal with risk Learn about different types of insurance and their benefits. Understand different aspects of life, health, business and vehicle insurance Find out the elements and clauses of an insurance contract. Explore the essential skills required to become an insurance account manager. Gain an integrated view of insurance account management and how it can be best practised.

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An insurance account manager’s profession is a challenging, yet financially rewarding career. Insurance account managers are responsible for developing business accounts, promoting existing insurance products and work toward increasing the company’s sales.

If you are interested in a career in the insurance industry as an insurance account manager, this course is the perfect guide for you.

This Insurance Account Manager Course will educate you on the fundamental aspects of insurance, how it works and about the who, what, risks and insurance claims. The course discusses different types of insurance, their functions and benefits. Furthermore, you explore different techniques professionals use to generate lead and turn them into sales. You will also learn about the elements and clauses of an insurance contract.

In addition to that, you will get an overview of the insurance industry in the UK. By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive knowledge and the skills required to succeed as an Insurance account manager.

Skills You Will Gain

  • Insurance management
  • Contract management
  • Sales management
  • Marketing skill
  • Leadership
  • Financial skill
  • Risk management skill

Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Definition of Insurance

  • Introduction
  • Nature of Insurance
  • How Insurance Works
  • Types of Insurance

Module 2: An Overview of the Insurance Industry in the UK

  • Beginnings of a modern insurance market
  • The UK insurance laboratory
  • A very British Revolution
  • Differing approaches to reinsurance
  • Great Fire of 1666
  • Marine
  • Life insurance
  • UK insurance industry – An introductory guide

How insurance works

  • How do insurance providers calculate the premiums?
  • Where to buy insurance
  • Using online comparison sites
  • Making an insurance claim
  • What to do if your claim is rejected

Module 3: Basics of Insurance

  • Overview
  • Risk Management
  • Ways to Deal with Risk
  • UK business insurance requirements
  • What extra insurance coverage is available?
  • Types of Insurance

Module 4: Principles and Practices of Insurance

  • Insurance Contracts
  • Insurable Interest
  • Key principle
  • Indemnity
  • Betterment
  • Agreed Value
  • Contribution
  • Subrogation

Module 5: Insurance Contract: Elements and Clauses of Insurance Contract

Elements of Insurance Contract

  • Utmost Good Faith
  • Principle of Indemnity
  • Conditions for Indemnity Principle
  • Doctrine of Subrogation

Various Clauses of Insurance Contract

  • Description of the Marine Clauses
  • Types of Insurance Contract
  • Policy Sections

Module 6: Home Insurance

  • What is home insurance?
    • Buildings Insurance
    • Contents Insurance
  • Additional cover that is available
  • Cover for flats and Maisonettes
  • What is excluded
  • How the price of your home insurance is calculated
  • How your claim will be paid

Module 7: Life and Health Insurance

Life Insurance

  • Think about why you might need cover
  • Some reasons for taking out life cover
  • Types of life cover

Health Insurance

  • What is covered in Private Medical Insurance?
  • High-quality private clinic and hospital accommodation
  • Understanding the cover
  • Types of policy
  • Moratorium Underwriting

Module 8: Business Insurance

  • Business insurance
  • Why do I need business insurance?
  • What type of business insurance do I need?
  • Employers liability insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance

Module 9: Vehicle Insurance

  • Overview
  • If you’re in an accident
  • Driving abroad
  • Uninsured vehicles
  • Driving without insurance

Module 10: Human Behaviour in Insurance

  • How we make decisions
  • Making insurance decisions
  • Do we have our own bias?
  • Continuous improvement

Module 11: Essential Skills for the Insurance Account Manager and Broker

Account Manager

  • What Does an Account Manager Do?
  • What Kind of Education Do I Need?
  • How Can I Become Licensed?
  • Necessary skills for successful key account management.

Insurance Broker

  • Seven skills required to be a good insurance broker

Module 12: Underwriting Essentials

  • Insurance Underwriting
  • Primary Objectives of Underwriting
  • Underwriting process
  • Insurance Score
  • Factors Considered When Underwriting A Life Insurance Policy

Module 13: Insurance Fraud

  • Types of car insurance fraud
  • How to identify a ‘Crash for Cash’
  • What to do if you think you’ve been involved in a scam
  • Types of Home insurance fraud
  • How to avoid getting caught out by fraudulent insurance companies

Assessment Process

Once you have finished the learning stages in the course, your abilities will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice question session, after which you will receive the results immediately.

Showcase Your Accomplishment of New Skills: Get a Certification of Completion

Upon passing the assessment, you will receive proper certification that is recognised all over the UK as well as internationally. The PDF certificate is free of cost which you can download instantly upon completing the assessment or you can order it online. You can also receive an original printed copy of the certificate for showcasing your achievement anywhere and everywhere, which will be sent to you by post. The postal fee for this printed copy is only £5.99, with no additional fees or expense.