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Diploma in Payroll Administration


The aim of this course is to give you an in depth look at payroll systems, what they are, why they are needed & how to manage them. It also looks at payroll itself and covers the main aspects, including how to process payroll and the impact it has on the wider business.

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The course is broken down in to 11 modules, covering:

1. Payroll Systems Overview

1.1 Payroll overview

1.2 What are payroll systems?

1.3 Why payroll systems are needed

1.4 Influence of HMRC on payroll systems

1.5 Outsourcing your payroll

2. Payroll Systems

2.1 Planning your payroll system

2.2 Things to consider when setting up your payroll system

2.3 Communication

2.4 Payslips

2.5 Record keeping

2.6 Training

2.7 System maintenance & review

2.8 Payroll duties

3. Processing Payroll

3.1 The payroll year & pay periods

3.2 Managing new starters & leavers

3.3 Calculating payroll

3.4 Statutory & voluntary deductions

3.5 Statutory sick pay

4. National Insurance

4.1 What is national insurance?

4.2 Why do we pay national insurance?

4.3 National insurance types & rates

4.4 Employer’s national insurance

5. PAYE & Tax

5.1 What is the PAYE scheme?

5.2 Why is the PAYE scheme useful?

5.3 What are tax codes?

6. Real Time Information (RTI)

6.1 What is Real Time Information (RTI)

6.2 How is information submitted via RTI?

7. National Minimum & Living wages

7.1 What are the National Minimum & Living wages?

7.2 Who does the National Minimum & Living wage apply to?

7.3 How to work out the National Minimum & Living wage for different types of employee

7.4 What is and what isn’t included as part of the National Minimum & Living wage?

7.5 Consequences of not paying the National Minimum & Living wage

8. Assistance for Small Employers

8.1 The Employment Allowance

8.2 Small Employers Relief

9. Retirement & Pensions

9.1 What is retirement?

9.2 What are pensions?

9.3 State pensions

9.4 Workplace pensions & auto enrolment

9.5 Personal pensions

9.6 How to process retirees

10. Record Keeping

10.1 What information needs to be kept?

10.2 Records required for HMRC

10.3 General Data Protection Regulation

11. Year End Duties

11.1 Payroll year end duties

11.2 P60s

11.3 Setting up the payroll system for a new year