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PRINCE2® Foundation 6th Edition and Agile Practitioner with both Accredited Exams


PRINCE2® Foundation 6th Edition and Agile Practitioner with both Accredited Exams Established in 1994, Balance Global was one of the first 3 training companies to be approved in the UK by the UK Cabinet Office to deliver PRINCE2® Accredited Courses. One of our values is to provide good ‘take-away’ value. By this we mean that we don’t just want to teach theory or chalk up exam passes. We want delegates to be able to go back to their workplace and implement what they have learnt straight away and really make a difference. This is why we offer a range of templates, and after-care service and consultancy to help clients tailor PRINCE2® and embed it within their working practices.

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PRINCE2® Foundation 6th Edition and Agile Practitioner with both Accredited Exams

This course bundle gives you the best of both worlds. It combines traditional/waterfall project management approaches with more modern Agile Project Management.

The bundle includes additional bonus features that our other PRINCE2 courses don’t have, such as

  • iPad and Android off-line applications to help give you the ability to learn wherever you are, whenever you want.
  • Social Networking capability between users
  • Drag and Drop learning & Interactive
  • Tutor Support.
  • Expert tutor mentor

Prince2 Foundation:

PRINCE2® stands for Projects INControlled Environments. It is a fully scale-able process driven approach to project management. Although PRINCE2® originated in the UK it has become a world class international product.

This foundation course covers all of the official syllabus, which includes the following elements:

Introduction to projects and PRINCE2® – explains what makes projects different from BAU and introduces the four integrated elements of PRINCE2

The 7 Principles:

  • Continued Business Justification
  • Learn from Experience
  • Defined Roles and Responsibilities
  • Manage by Stages
  • Manage by Exception
  • Focus on Products
  • Tailor to the Project Environment

The 7 Themes:

  • Business Case – why are we investing in the project?
  • Organization – who do we need to manage the project?
  • Quality – what we have to deliver to ensure fit-for-purpose
  • Plans – how will we deliver, when & resource requirements
  • Risk – managing uncertainty
  • Change – understanding implications of changing requirements
  • Progress – understanding & controlling where we are against plans

The 7 Processes:

  • Process Model – to explain the flow between processes
  • Starting up a Project – pre-project preparation
  • Directing a Project – decision making and providing resources
  • Initiating a Project – developing a full and firm foundation
  • Controlling a Stage – day-to-day project manager’s work
  • Managing Product Delivery – day-to-day team managers work
  • Managing a Stage Boundary – preparing for project board progress decisions
  • Closing a Project – tidy close

The 2 Techniques:

  • Product Based Planning
  • Quality review Technique

PRINCE2 2017:

What are the main changes?

This new version of PRINCE2 affirms the method’s established approach to project management, with its overall structure of seven principles, themes and processes.

The main changes to the guidance are characterized by an emphasis on:

  • tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of organizations and project environments;
  • the principles that underpin PRINCE2;
  • clarifying the link between the themes and principles;
  • the restructuring of the ‘Themes’ guidance to accommodate specific examples of tailoring;
  • the practical application of the method and guidance, with numerous examples, hints and tips;
  • maintaining your certification through PRINCE2 Membership.

PRINCE2 has always been grounded in real life-experience. The PRINCE2 2017 Update, which consolidates a wealth of knowledge gained in the workplace, can be trusted to provide practical, authoritative and relevant guidance to anyone managing a project in today’s environment.

PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner:

PRINCE2 Agile is an extension module designed specifically to tailor PRINCE2 to an Agile environment. The certification has been created for organisations and individuals already using PRINCE2 who would like further guidance on how to apply Agile® methods to the world’s most popular project management framework.

PRINCE2 Agile® has been developed as a single-tier Practitioner qualification. The purpose of the certification is to demonstrate that you can apply and tailor PRINCE2 to an agile scenario.

Who is PRINCE2 Agile® for?

The certification is ideal for able PRINCE2 Foundation holders seeking to extend their knowledge and understanding of Agile®, applying its approach within their existing project management environment.

What are the benefits of PRINCE2 Agile®?

  • Allows you to focus on both management and delivery
  • Lets you scale to your precise requirements
  • Gives you control and good governance, flexibility and pragmatism
  • Works with any established Agile approach
  • A collaboratively-built programme that is corporate friendly
  • Helps take projects and working practices to a new level of success and achievement.

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