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Zen Gardening Certificate – CPD Accredited


Zen Gardening Certificate – CPD Accredited We have created this Zen Gardening course to give students all the information they require to build and care for a Zen garden. When you complete this course, you will know all you need to know about creating a Zen garden as well as how to keep it up over the years. The course contains topics ranging from understanding Zen and Buddhism to general garden maintenance and pest control. We have worked to ensure that this course allows you to create a Zen garden that you will love, and one that you can care for year after year. The course is totally online and offers students a convenient way to work through the course material that works best for their personal schedules. Students can continue to work full time while taking the course. By taking the Zen Gardening course, you will have access to the course materials from any internet-enabled device, including mobile phones, computers and tablets. You can also access our online support feature day or night. When the course is completed, you will get a course certificate to show the successful completion of the course. The certificate can be downloaded and printed from home, or you can pay a small fee, and we can post it to you. ** When purchasing this course you will be eligible to apply for the XO Student Discount Card!! You can save on brands such as New Look, Disney, ASOS, Hotels, Miss Selfridge , Domino’s and many more.**

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What You Will Learn

When this course is completed, you can easily create a Zen garden on your property. This course includes the following:

  • A history of Zen gardening
  • Understanding Zen
  • What makes a garden Zen
  • How Zen gardens create harmony
  • Understanding the different elements of a Zen garden
  • How yin and yang affect a Zen garden
  • Understanding symbolism in a Zen garden
  • Gravel in a Zen garden
  • Creating a budget for a Zen garden
  • Planning for a Zen garden
  • Using Feng Shui in a Zen garden
  • Laying a foundation for your Zen garden
  • Putting plants in a Zen garden
  • Symbolism in a Zen garden
  • Water features in a Zen garden
  • Tools required for a Zen garden
  • Raking and maintaining a Zen garden

Benefits of the Zen Gardening Certificate

As you begin studying this Zen Gardening course, you will experience the following:

  • The chance to study anywhere you wish, 24/7. You can study from anywhere that has an internet connection.
  • No set time limit. This allows you to study when it is convenient for you. You can take days, weeks or months to complete the course.
  • Study from any device with an internet connection, including tablets, mobiles and computers.
  • An easy to understand course format that is divided into short modules. This keeps the study experience enjoyable.
  • Online support that is accessible 24/7. This helps you to stay on track.
  • Course training that includes activities, quizzes and worksheets.
  • Your odds of success are improved when you create your own Zen garden.
  • Earning a recognised certificate when finishing the course.
  • Affordable course material.

Course Modules/Lessons

Module 1: Introduction to Zen Gardening

  • A history of Zen gardening
  • What is Zen?
  • What is at the centre of Zen?
  • What makes a garden Zen?

Module 2: Elements in a Zen Gardening

  • Understanding the elements of a Zen garden
  • How yin and yang can be incorporated
  • Understanding the symbolism of rocks in a Zen garden
  • Gravel in a Zen garden

Module 3: Creating Your Zen Garden

  • Creating a plan for a Zen Garden
  • Using Feng Shui in a Zen Garden
  • Laying a Foundation for a Zen Garden
  • Common Plants for Zen Gardens

Module 4: Water Features in a Zen Garden

  • The symbolism of water in Japanese culture
  • The symbolism of water in Buddhist culture
  • Ponds in Japanese Zen gardens
  • Waterfalls in Japanese Zen gardens

Module 5: Caring for Your Zen Garden

  • The tools required to care for a Zen Garden
  • Preparing the gravel in a Zen Garden
  • Raking a Zen Garden
  • General Zen garden maintenance