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Colour Reflexology Diploma Course


9 Modules Certified Course Accredited Course Online study Tutor support No time limit for completing your course 150 hours of study

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The Colour Reflexology Diploma Course explores the use of colour light vibrations to enhance the benefits of reflexology treatments. Discover the theories, methodologies and techniques of the practice and how to start and run a business as a Colour Reflexology Practitioner.

Colour reflexology combines two disciplines, colour therapy and reflexology, to create a practice that promotes stability and wellness in a person’s general wellbeing. This occurs through restoring and maintaining balance within the chakras and the stimulation of pressure points in the hands and feet, to aid in the recovery of body parts or organs.

The Colour Reflexology Diploma Course explains the basics of how this therapy works before going into more depth about the various energy systems of the body. You will learn about the seven chakras, the Meridian system, how encouraging the natural flow of energy can promote good health and how this can be achieved using colour. The course examines the science of colour vibrations and wavelengths, the healing qualities of each colour and how this knowledge can be used alongside reflexology.

You’ll be introduced to the essential reflexology zones in the human body, with the primary focus on how important these are in colour reflexology, and different techniques that can be used within the practice. This includes guidance on the use of colour reflexology to treat various ailments and medical conditions, as well as what you should learn about a client in your pre-treatment consultation, the post-treatment guidance you should provide, and how to plan follow-up sessions.

How you work with clients is of paramount importance. You’ll learn about the code of conduct needed to deal with clients and patients; the ones that are responding well to the treatment as well as those who are not.

Whether you provide treatments at home or in a bespoke clinic, you will need to create an appropriate healing environment and obtain certain types of equipment and supplies. The Colour Reflexology Diploma Course talks you through everything you need to get started. Once you have established a workspace you will learn about various marketing methods you can use to promote and publicise your practice.

As your business becomes more successful there will come a point at which you need to expand. This course helps you to recognise that point and provides ideas on how you can achieve this.

Running a business, your time is your own but this can be a mixed blessing. You alone are responsible for what does and doesn’t get done, and poor time management will have a negative effect on your business. The Colour Reflexology Diploma Course offers tips and tricks on the management of time, managing workloads, and ensuring you always give your best to each of your clients.