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NLP Practitioner Course


On completion of this online NLP Practitioner course the successful participant will have the necessary skills to practice and implement NLP for Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Health Coaching, and Performance Coaching. Upon successfully meeting course requirements certification can include two certificates, from the IANLPC and the NLP Centre of Excellence. The course is certified through the IANLPC – International Association of NLP Coaches, ensuring your course meets the highest standards possible.

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Personal development


What You Will Learn On The Course:

The Key Beliefs and Building Blocks that NLP is built around

Powerful, positive, empowering beliefs that will change your life forever.

The communication model that allows you to view situations as they really are.

Learn how to become a master communicator and get the outcomes you want.

Goals – The Principles of Achieving Success

How to set compelling goals and make sure that you do achieve them.

How to help others to do the same.

Rapport – The Secret of How to Influence & Build Trust.

Learn the facts about body language and how to read people

Learn how to use your voice tone and tempo to gain rapport, even on the phone.

How to eloquently disagree with others and yet keep rapport.

Representational systems – Using all Five Senses to Engage Others

Find out how we code our experience of the world internally

Use transformational language to increase your ability to communicate with others.

Learn how to tell how someone is thinking just by watching their eye movements

Sub-modalities – Making Your Brain Really Work for You

Learn how to change unwanted habits, beliefs and feelings, including the desire for certain foods.

Learn how to change the meaning you place on certain things and events.

Learn how to permanently remove any unwanted fears and phobias

Language Patterns – Being Totally Focused with Words.

Learn how to use presuppositions to make maximum impact on someone’s experience.

Learn how to listen effectively to others everyday language to see how they limit themselves.

Learn how to ask problem solving questions.

Challenge other peoples’ objections easily and gracefully.

Learn the linguistic secrets of the great Master of Hypnosis Milton Erickson.

Anchoring – How to Feel Great in an Instant!

Learn how to control your feelings and get into a positive resourceful state anytime, anywhere.

Learn how to help others from being stuck to being resourceful in just minutes.

NLP – Modelling Excellence

Learn how to model excellence from others that have excelled in their chosen field. Through out the course you will have the chance to model several different influential people and learn the mental strategies that these people use to be the best at what they do. During this module you will learn the powerful processes that founders John Grinder and Richa
rd Bandler used when they began their modelling work, and you will learn how to transfer these powerful modelling skills to your everyday life.

Perceptual Positions – Achieve Better Results by Seeing Things from a Different Perspective.

Learn how to resolve personal and group conflicts quickly and easily.

Gain fundamental insights about other people’s points of view, to aid decision-making and leadership.

Learn powerful tools and techniques to help you to become your own best adviser.

Strategies & Techniques – How do we do what we do?

Find out the processes of how others make decisions.

Learn how to formulate your sales technique to suit other peoples’ buying strategy.

Find out how to spot weaknesses in other peoples’ strategies and learn how to help improve them

Neurological Levels – The key elements to personal and organizational success.

Learn how to align your identity, values, beliefs, capabilities, behaviours and environment to produce a powerful compelling recipe for ultimate success in all areas of your life.

Parts Integration – The key elements to personal congruency.

Eradicate unwanted habits and negative emotions

Learn how to enhance your personal congruence and increase your energy levels through resolving internal conflict.

Time Line Re-Patterning.

Learn how to improve how you relate to time.

Release past negative emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, hurt and sadness quickly and effortlessly.

Eradicate old limiting beliefs that hold you back such as "I’m not good enough to do it", "I can’t have the life I want or lots of money and a great relationship"

Discover how to use your own Time Line to get what you want out of life.

Learn how to help others to do the same

Hypnotherapy skills.

Discover how to induce trances.

Learn how to use trance like states for deep relaxation.

Discover the power of suggestion and how to use it effectively.

Putting all your NLP skills together.

Learn how to structure a powerful NLP session

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