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Xero, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Excel – 4 in 1 Bundle


What Will I Learn? This bundle includes the ultimate 4 courses ( Xero, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Excel ) that you need to become successful in a business. All of them are packed with step by step guides and lectures on the course subject. From The Payroll Management Course You be able to: Complete Various Common Functions Using A Free Online Uk Payroll Software Process New Starters And Leavers Understand Tax Coding Notifications And What Different Tax Codes Means Process Monthly Pay Understand How Pensions Are Applied Process Deductions E.G. Taxes, Student Loan Repayments Process Attachments Of Earnings (Aoe) Such As Court Fines Repayments The Payroll Journals And Relevant Accounts To Debit And Credit Pay The Hmrc And Other Relevant Authorities And Agencies Year End Processing How To Register As An Employer In The UK From The Xero Accounting And Bookkeeping Course You Will Learn to: Complete Various Common Functions Using Xero Software Enter The Opening Balances Post Customer Invoices And Credit Notes To The Sales Ledger Post Supplier Invoices And Credit Notes To The Purchase Ledger Enter The Supplier Cheques And Record The Customer Receipts Post Petty Cash Transactions Prepare The Vat Return Post The Wages Journal Post Adjustments To The Accounts And Produce Month-end Reports From The Quickbooks Online Bookkeeping Course You Will Learn: Enter The Opening Balances Amend The Nominal Ledger Add New Customer And Supplier Details Post Customer Invoices And Credit Notes To The Sales Ledger Post Supplier Invoices And Credit Notes To The Purchase Ledger Enter The Supplier Cheques And Record The Customer Receipts Post-petty Cash Transactions Prepare The Vat Return Reconcile The Bank Post The Wages Journal Post Adjustments To The Accounts And Produce Month-end Reports From The Excel 2016 Advanced Course You Will Learn: How To Use Advanced If Statements How To Use Advanced Lookup Functions How To Use Complex Logical And Text Functions Auditing Formulas How To Working With What-if Analysis Tools Protecting Worksheet And Workbook How To Use Advanced Pivottables And Powerpivot Tools Automate With Macros Work With Form Controls This 4-in-1 Bundle: Payroll, Xero, Bookkeeping, Excel is a best selling course bundle developed by industry experts and it has already helped tons of students like you. It is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills in the relevant sectors. The 4 courses that are in this bundle are specifically designed to provide you with deep practical knowledge of Xero, Payroll, Bookkeeping & Microsoft Excel. All of this combined is the perfect recipe for anyone looking to become a skilled professional in the business world. This course is accredited by CPD, so you will get a career boost upon completing this course. Our Xero, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Excel – 4 in 1 Bundle is packed with several easy to understand information-rich modules. After completing the course you will be awarded a certificate of completion, the proof of your expertise in this field. If you want to get a job or looking for professional skills to excel in this field, a certificate from this course will help you appear as a strong candidate. You can also validate your certification from our website. We know that you are busy and your time is very important, so to make our learners feel at ease we have designed this course for any type of student and you can complete it at your own pace. The course materials are accessible from anyplace, from any device and at any time. And lastly, our experienced tutors will help you throughout the comprehensive syllabus of this course and answer all your queries through email.

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Course Curriculum

***Payroll Management***


  • Payroll – Introduction to the course and your tutor ppFREE
  • Payroll – An overview of payroll pp

The UK Payroll System

  • Payroll – Manual payroll
  • Payroll – Benefits in kind


  • Payroll – Brightpay conclude
  • Payroll – Find software per HMRC Brightpay

Paye, Tax, NI

  • Payroll – PAYE TAX
  • Payroll – Journal entries

Conclusion and Next Steps

  • Payroll – Conclusion and Next Steps

***Xero Accounting and Bookkeeping***

Getting Prepared – Access the software and course materials

  • Xero – Introduction To The Course And Your Tutor
  • Xero – Activating Your Free Trial With Xero

Getting started

  • Xero – Signing Up For The Free Trial
  • Xero – The Fictitious Scenario

Setting up the system

  • Xero – Add Bank Accounts To The System
  • Xero – Enter Opening Balances
  • Xero – Opening Trial Balance

Nominal ledger

  • Xero – Amend The Nominal Ledger
  • Xero – Chart Of Accounts Report

Customers & Suppliers

  • Xero – Enter customers
  • Xero – Entering suppliers

Sales ledger

  • Xero – Enter Invoices
  • Xero – Invoicing tips – adding logo, repeat billing


  • Xero – Post supplier invoices
  • Xero – Enter suppliers invoices 6028 onwards

Purchases ledger

  • Xero – Receipts from Customers
  • Xero – Apply Customer Credit Notes

Sundry payments

  • Xero – Post Supplier Cheques
  • Xero – Apply Supplier Credit Notes

Sundry payments

  • Xero – Post Sundry Payments
  • Xero – Make a credit card payment

Petty Cash

  • Xero – Imprest System on Petty Cash
  • Xero – Print a Copy of Petty Cash Receipts and Payments

Bad Debt

  • Xero – Writing Off A Bad Debt – Print Customer Statement
  • Xero – Write Off A Bad Debt

Credit Card

  • Xero – Reconcile The Credit Card Statement

Bank Reconciliation

  • Xero – Bank Statement As A CSV File
  • Xero – Bank Statement Closing Balances

Payroll / Wages

  • Xero – Wages And Salaries
  • Xero – Payday
  • Xero – Pay The Two Staff

VAT – Value Added Tax

  • Xero – Depreciation
  • Xero – VAT Return


  • Xero – Month End Reports PnL, BS, TB

Payroll unit

  • Xero – Using Payroll
  • Xero – Setting Up Employees


  • Xero – Recap And Next Steps
  • Xero – What happens next

***Quickbooks Online Bookkeeping***

Getting prepared – access the software and course materials

  • The structure of the course – first things first!
  • Set up free trial

Getting started

  • Starting A New Company File

Setting up the system

  • Set up nominal accounts

Nominal ledger

  • Amend the nominal ledger
  • Report listing the nominal ledgers


  • Enter customers
  • Report on customer contact information


  • Enter suppliers
  • Supplier contact list

Sales ledger

  • Enter invoices
  • Invoice entering

Purchases ledger

  • Post Supplier Invoices
  • Entering a batch of supplier bills

Sundry payments

  • Post Cheques
  • Report showing supplier payments

Sundry receipts

  • Receipts from customers
  • Report showing customer receipts

Petty cash

  • Post Petty Cash Transactions and Report
  • Report Bank Payments

VAT – Value Added Tax

  • VAT Return

Bank Reconciliation

  • Reconcile The Bank
  • Provide A Report Showing Any Unreconciled Transaction

Payroll / Wages

  • Post the Wages Journal
  • Posting Journal Adjustments


  • Month end adjustments
  • Month end reports


  • Task- Creating the accounts
  • Task – Customer report

***Excel 2016 Advanced***


  • Introduction

Using Advanced IF Statements

  • Summarize Data with SUMIF
  • Summarize Data with AVERAGIF

Using Advanced Lookup Functions

  • Using VLOOKUP with TRUE to find an Approximate Match

Using Complex Logical and Text Functions

  • Creating a Nested IF Function

Formula Auditing

  • Showing Formulas
  • Adding a watch Window

Error Checking

  • What-If Analysis Tools
  • Using the Scenario Manager

Worksheet and Workbook Protection

  • Protection Overview
  • Additional Protection Features

Advanced Use of PivotTables and PowerPivot

  • Using the Pivot Tables Charts Wizard
  • Enabling a Power Pivot Add In

Automating with Macros

  • What are Macros
  • Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar

Working with Form Controls

  • What are Form Controls
  • Adding a Combo Box to a Spreadsheet

Ensuring Data Integrity

  • What is Data Validation
  • Finding Invalid Data

Collaborating in Excel

  • Working with Comments

Importing and Exporting Data to a Text File

  • Importing a Text File


  • Course Recap


Complete your course by sitting for an MCQ assessment. To pass the test, you need to achieve 60% or higher in the final assessment. After passing, you will be able to get the UK and internationally recognised certificate to share your achievement with potential employers or to include it in your CV. The PDF certificate is totally free, or you can get a a physical version of your certificate for £12 (Shipping cost inside the UK is free, and outside the UK is £9.99).