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Accounting : Budget Planning


Accounting Budget Planning for Business In Accounts, Budgeting is a process of organising a complete statement of financial results that are expected for a specific time period in the future. It predicts the future financial situation and plans. This unit seeks to deliver guidance on basic aspects of financial planning, the role of budgeting, budgetary control and the installation of a budgetary control system. It also describes the various types of budgets, the organisation of budgeting and budget procedures. Accounting Budget Planning for Business On completion of this unit learners will be equipped to identify fixed and flexible budgets, classification of budgets, the process of zero-based budgeting, and advantages of zero-based budgeting.

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Accounting Budget Planning for Business


After completing this course learners will be able to:

  • Understand the basic aspects of financial planning and the role of budgeting
  • Explain various types of budgets

Program Contents


Introduction to Budgeting


  • Financial Planning
  • What is a Budget?
  • Budgetary Control and installation of a Budgetary Control System
  • Organisation for Budgeting
  • Budget Procedures
  • Choice between Fixed and Flexible Budgets
  • Classification of Budgets
  • Process of Zero-Based Budgeting and advantages of Zero-Based Budgeting