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Accounting : The Balance Sheet


Accounting Balance Sheet A balance sheet is a financial statement that provides a review of an organisation’s assets, its liabilities and equity of the shareholders at particular point in time. A balance sheet gives the shareholders an idea of the company’s possessions and its debts. This unit addresses the most fundamental building blocks of the balance sheet, classification of assets and liabilities and the method of preparing the balance sheet. It also provides comprehensive details of the balance sheet, the purpose of financial statements and the method of analysing a balance sheet.

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Accounting Balance Sheet


After completing this course learners will be able to:

  • Understand the meaning and definition of the balance sheet
  • Describe the classification of assets and liabilities
  • Understand the adjustment of a balance sheet
  • Describe how to prepare a balance sheet

Program Content


Introduction to Balance Sheet


  • The Purpose of Financial Statements
  • Why Create a Balance Sheet?
  • How to Prepare a Balance Sheet
  • How to Analyse a Balance Sheet