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Financial Analysis : Accounting Ratio Analysis


Accounting Ratio Analysis The financial performance of a firm demonstrates how positively a firm is performing. To access the financial performance of a firm, the most prevalent method is ratio analysis which provides a quick overview of a firm’s performance. This unit provides a detailed introduction to ratio analysis, the classification of ratio analyses and the norms of evaluation. It also describes the managerial uses of the primary ratio, computation and purpose. On completion of this unit, candidates will be able to understand a system of ratios that responds to the management’s control needs.

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Accounting Ratio Analysis


After completing this course learners will be able to:

  • Analyse a broad classification of ratios
  • identify ratios appropriate to the control of activities
  • Understand a system of ratios that responds to management’s control needs.

Program Content


Introduction to Ratio Analysis


  • Introduction of Ratio Analysis
  • Classification of Ratio Analysis
  • The Norms of Evaluation
  • Computation and Purpose
  • Managerial uses of the Primary Ratio