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Financial Management


Financial Management Certificate of achievement in Financial Management Level 3 Course. Additional CPD Accredited Certificate with 40 CPD points available with no extra study. The course comes with easy to understand e-learning study materials. Financial management is essentially a process of managing money in a proficient and effective way to achieve the organisation’s goals. Various activities are involved in financial management such as development, management, directing and taking control of financial activities, i.e. procurement and use of funds for projects. This unit provides a detailed examination of financial management , functions of financial management and its scope. It also describes the objectives of the business firm, major decisions of the finance function and the structure and organisation of the finance department. On completion of this unit learners will be equipped to identify the conflict of goals, financial goals, finance and accounting.

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Budget Planning Level 3

For managers in today’s business world, it’s essential to have a working knowledge of finance. We all play a role in our organization’s financial health, whether we realize it or not. If you don’t have training or a background in finance, you may be at a disadvantage as you sit around the management table.

Understanding the cycle of finance will help you figure out where you fit into your company’s financial structure, and how to keep your department out of the red. This course will help you prepare budgets and make decisions with confidence.

What Will Students Learn

  • Define basic financial terminology
  • Prepare a budget of any type or size
  • Get your budget approved
  • Perform basic ratio analysis
  • Make better financial decisions

Course Syllabus:

Module 1 – The Fundamentals of Finance

This module covers the following Topics:

  • Types of Costs
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • The Basics of Budgeting
  • Budgeting Terms
  • Types of Budgets
  • The Budgeting Process
  • Budgeting Tips and Tricks
  • Plus More

Module 2 – Budget Planning Basics

This module covers the following Topics:

  • Defining a Budget
  • Types of Budgets
  • Understanding Where Your Budget Fits In
  • Parts of a Budget
  • The Budgeting Process
  • Budgeting Tips and Tricks
  • Plus More

Module 3 – Monitoring and Managing Budgets

This module covers the following topics:

  • Understanding Ratio Analysis
  • Net and Gross Profit Margin
  • Return on Investment
  • Getting Your Budget Approved
  • Comparing Investment Opportunities
  • Plus More

Module 4 – Comparing Investment Opportunities

This module covers the following topics:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Directing the Peerless Data Corporation
  • Plus more