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Forensic Accounting : Fraud Risk Assessment


Forensic Accounting Fraud Risk Assessment Fraud detection and investigation represent two critical duties performed by forensic accountants. However, the mark of truly effective forensic accountancy is the ability to identify weaknesses and prevent fraud from occurring in the first place. Though every business faces a wide variety of threats from fraudsters, the vast majority of incidents are preventable. The fraud prevention process begins with comprehensive risk assessment processes, which are carried out to identify where, how, when and on the part of whom fraud may occur. The more weaknesses and opportunities for fraud the assessment picks up on, the stronger the preventative measures established can be. Forensic accountancy is most valuable and effective when used to prevent fraud from occurring in the first place. This exclusive tutorial is ideally-suited to existing and prospective forensic accountants alike. Explore a series of key risk assessment factors, along with risk assessment best practices, supporting documentation and how to create a risk management checklist. Learn about the different entities to assess, internal and external factors, corporate environment factors and more.

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Forensic Accounting Fraud Risk Assessment


  • Define Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Describe the factors involved in Risk Assessment
  • Identify Risk Assessment Best Practices

Programme Content


  • Risk Assessment Factors
  • Corporate Environment Factors
  • Internal Factors
  • Fraud Factors
  • Risk Assessment Best Practices
  • Risk Management Checklists and Documentation
  • Different Entities to Assess
  • Measures and Relationships

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