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Performance Management Course


Performance Management Course Certificate of achievement in Performance Management Level 5. Additional CPD Accredited Performance Management Certificate with 120 CPD points available with no extra study. The course comes with easy to understand e-learning study materials. Endorsed Certificate of Achievement. Looking to master the art of driving workforce efficiency? Ready to step up to a capable and rewarding leadership position for the first time? Discover what it takes to succeed as an essential HR asset with this insightful Level 5 Certificate in Performance Management . With a little help from CPD, the management career you’ve been dreaming of could be right at your fingertips! Performance management is all about extracting the best from each and every member of the workforce. Not only for the benefit of the business, but to ensure that every employee has the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. Performance managers are responsible for motivating, inspiring and nurturing the development of team members at all levels. From initial recruitment to provision of training to deployment to long-term career advancement, the input of the performance manager has wide-reaching influences. Unsurprisingly, those who are able to optimise the performance of employees at all levels represent priceless HR assets in the eyes of business owners worldwide. This exclusive Level 5 Certificate in Performance Management provides candidates with a comprehensive introduction to this critical component of HR management. Perfect for newcomers and existing members of the workforce alike, learners are gradually guided through the roles and responsibilities of those who work in employee performance management. Whether pursuing promotion, looking to secure your first professional position or simply out to improve your HR competencies, this fully-endorsed distance learning program could make all the difference! Enrol today and take the first step towards the fulfilling HR career you know you’re capable of!

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Level 5 Certificate in Performance Management

Course Benefits

When studying for a Level 5 Certificate in Performance Management with Oxford Home Study College, every candidate enjoys the following benefits:

  1. Provision of all essential course materials and lecture notes, along with case studies, practical exercises and key supporting documentation.
  2. 24/7 access to our exclusive digital learning platform and convenient online assessments at the end of each unit.
  3. The dedicated support of an experienced, qualified and professional tutor for ongoing assistance while completing your course.
  4. Complete access to recommend reference books, study aids and more via our extensive e-library.
  5. The opportunity to earn a fully-endorsed certificate from a recognised awarding organization, improving your CV and career prospects for life.

Learning Objectives

This highly-popular Level 5 Certificate in Performance Management focuses specifically on a series of key employee performance issues. Devised and developed by leading academics in conjunction with seasoned industry veterans, the course focuses exclusively on practical skills and insights to be put to use in a real-life working environment. With no prior knowledge or experience required, candidates are introduced to the most important aspects of performance management and its role within a wider organisation.

Delivered over a series of four concise yet intensive modules, course content begins with an overview of performance appraisals and a detailed breakdown of the performance-management process. A series of essential training, coaching and ongoing development issues are discussed, along with how to carry out effective employee interviews and professional evidence gathering techniques. Ultimately, candidates learn how to successfully monitor, maintain and optimise the performance of every member of the workforce.

Key skills, talents and knowledge picked up along the way include:

  • A detailed understanding of the importance of performance management
  • Familiarity with key training and development concepts
  • The confidence to handle difficult employees and situations
  • The ability to nurture career development in every candidate
  • Advanced interview and feedback-delivery skills
  • The opportunity to climb the career ladder in an HR setting

Course Outline

Our highest-level Certificate in Performance Management is delivered over the course of 12 insightful modules – each concluding with an online assessment to verify your acquired knowledge and competencies. Your assigned tutor will provide you with comprehensive support at all times, in order to assist with your successful completion of each unit.

Module 1 – Building High Performance Teams

  • A Changing Structure
  • Types of Teams
  • Team Norms
  • The TORI Team Building Model
  • A Team’s Activities
  • The Five Stages of Team Development
  • Characteristics of Great Teams
  • Civilized Disagreements and Consensus
  • Open Communication
  • Clear Roles and Assignments

Module 2 – Performance Appraisals

  • Performance Appraisals Done Well
  • Errors We Make
  • Types of Performance Reviews
  • Choosing What Works
  • Formal, Annual, or Semi-Annual Review
  • Probationary Review
  • Informal Review
  • 360 Degree Performance Review
  • Winning Performance Appraisals

Module 3 – Performance Management Process

  • The Performance Management Process
  • Setting Goals with SPIRIT
  • The Performance Management Cycle
  • Setting Standards

Module 4 – Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

  • Creating a Performance Development Plan
  • Feedback and Communication
  • Listening Skills
  • Communication Strategies
  • Giving Feedback
  • Accepting Criticism
  • Planning the Interview
  • The Interview
  • Providing Feedback
  • Coaching
  • Appraisal Preparation

Module 5 – Planning the Interview

  • Preparing for the Interview
  • The Interview Format
  • History of the Interviewing Process
  • Basics of Behavioral Interviewing
  • Purpose of Behavioral Interviewing
  • Probing Techniques
  • The Critical Incident Technique
  • Post-Interview Checklist

Module 6 – Maintaining Performance

  • Maintaining Performance
  • Handling Performance Problems
  • The Part Where Someone Gets Fired
  • Performance Management Checklists

Module 7 – Motivating Employees

  • Motivational Aspects
  • What is Motivation?
  • The Influence of Motivation Theory
  • Types of Incentives and Rewards
  • Competence-Related Pay
  • Corporate Reputation
  • Developing Pay Structures
  • Plus more

Module 8 – Delegating For High Performance

  • Defining Delegation
  • Four Basic Steps to Delegation
  • Levels of Delegation
  • Lateral Delegation
  • Employee Motivation
  • The Delegation Meeting

Module 9 – Managing Virtual Teams

  • The Virtual Workplace
  • Choosing the Virtual Team
  • Leading Virtual Team

Module 10 Time Management For A Peak Performance

  • Prioritising Your Time
  • Setting Goals
  • Planning Wisely
  • Start of Day Routine
  • End of Day Routine
  • Tackling Procrastination

Module 11 – Personal Productivity

  • Understanding Personal Efficiency
  • Time Management vs. Personal Productivity
  • Development of Right Attitude
  • Creating a Personal Vision Statement
  • Identifying Dreams and Setting Goals

Module 12 – Creating Positive Work Environment

  • What Does a Positive Environment Look Like?
  • What Can I Do?
  • Team Player
  • Effective Workplace Relationships
  • Working Cooperatively
  • Managing Conflict