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Security Certificate of achievement in Security Level 5. Additional CPD Accredited Security Guard Certificate with 120 CPD points available. The course comes with easy to understand e-learning study materials. Build the knowledge, skills and confidence to deal with security issues and emergency situations, with this exclusive Level 5 Security Guard Course. Suitable for newcomers and existing security personnel alike, this endorsed program takes an in-depth look at key security planning and emergency response practices. Study in your own time at a pace that suits your lifestyle, with no deadlines or time restrictions to worry about. Course content covers emergency preparedness, the responsibilities of the security guard , workplace bullying and harassment, the art of effective conflict resolution, how to develop an effective security plan and more. Whether considering a career in Security Guard or simply looking to improve your knowledge and understanding of workplace security, we’re standing by to welcome you on board. Enrol online, or contact a member of our admissions team anytime for more information. This self-paced programme is available 24/7 providing you with the flexibility to train at the pace, location and time of your choosing. Certificate of Achievement can be claimed on course completion. College registration, tutor support, course materials and additional supporting material are all included in the course fee.

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Our dynamic database of courses welcomes applicants from all over the world, with none of the usual restrictions or entry-requirements. Enrol today and enjoy a variety of perks and privileges including:

  • Complete provision of all supporting documentation and learning resources needed to successfully complete the course.
  • Expert tutor support provided throughout, ensuring you gain maximum value from your studies.
  • Total convenience and flexibility, with round-the-clock access to our digital learning platform and no deadlines to worry about.
  • Premium course materials and study aids, created by a team of industry veterans and noted academics.
  • The opportunity to enrich your long-term outlook with an endorsed Level 5 Security Diploma on your CV!

Security – Learning Objectives

The objective of this course is to instil candidates with the specialist skills and knowledge needed to pursue a fulfilling career in Security Guard. Irrespective of background and experience to date, learners are primed with the confidence to pursue their most ambitious goals. Each of the main responsibilities in the field of security guard is dissected and examined at the deepest level. Ideal for newcomers and existing members of the workforce alike, this Level 5 Security Guard Diploma could fast-track your progression up the career ladder.

By developing a deeper understanding of the functions and objectives of security guard, you stand a much better chance of building a successful career. From start to finish, your personally-assigned tutor will provide the support and feedback you need to successfully complete the course. After which, you’ll have the opportunity to put your new skills and knowledge to use in the practical setting of your choosing.

Upon completion, learners will have examined the most important concepts and teachings at the heart of successful Security, including:

  • Occupancy and human factors
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Human resource management
  • Sustainability
  • Facility IT management
  • Risk management
  • Safety and security
  • Communication
  • Performance and quality
  • Leadership and strategy
  • Real estate
  • Project management
  • Finance and business management

Course Outline

From job-market newcomers to successful business owners, this Level 5 Securitycould make a significant contribution to your ongoing professional development. Your tutor will provide complete support throughout the following 12 course modules – each of which concludes with an online assessment to measure your understanding of the subject matter:

Unit 1 – The Need And Importance Of Security

This module covers the following key topics:

  • What is Security?
  • The Principles of Security
  • Individual Safety and Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Standards in Security
  • Challenges to Standardisation

Unit 2 – Security’s Role In Emergency Preparedness

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Estimate Probability of Occurrence
  • Emergency Planning
  • Categorizing Emergencies
  • Development of an Emergency Plan

Unit 3 – Physical Security Management

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Physical Security Management Systems
  • Perimeter Security System
  • Security Gates
  • Security Lighting Systems
  • Objectives of Patrolling

Unit 4 – The Use Of Technology For Managing Security

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Security Goals
  • Technology in the Field of Security
  • Access Control Systems
  • The Goals of an Access Control System
  • Identification
  • Intrusion Detection Systems

Unit 5 – Security Systems Integration

This module covers the following key topics:

  • System integration opportunities
  • Integration connection methods
  • Audit trails
  • Standards & legislation

Unit 6 – General Petrol Tactics & Techniques

This module covers the following key topics:

  • The Purpose of Patrols
  • Preparation for a Patrol
  • Equipment Preparation and Testing
  • Vehicular Patrol
  • Remote Surveillance

Unit 7 – Site Security & Traffic Control

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Types of Traffic Control
  • The Objectives of Traffic Control
  • The Principles of Traffic Control

Unit 8 – Crisis Management

This module covers the following key topics:

  • What is Crisis Management?
  • Conducting the Crisis Audit?
  • Developing a Response Process

Unit 9 – Risk Management & Security

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Types of Risks
  • What is Risk Management?
  • Risk Management Tools
  • COSO ERM Cube

Unit 10 – Conflict Management For Security Professionals

This Unit covers the following key topics:

  • Understanding Management and Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Time Management
  • Managing Relationships
  • Strategic Planning

Unit 11 – Handling Workplace Violence

This module covers the following key topics:

  • What is Workplace Violence?
  • The Cycle of Violence
  • Understanding the Behavior Wheel
  • The Anger Management Process

Unit 12 – Handling Workplace Harassment

The module covers the following topics:

  • Defining Harassment
  • Types of Harassment
  • Defining Sexual Harassment
  • The Purpose of Training
  • Creating a Harassment Policy