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Call Centres are a centralised place to deal with calls, mostly for telemarketing or for customer services. Business Process Outsourcing agency or Call centres provide telemarketing services and customer care services. An employee working in a call centre would be responsible to assist customers or to make calls to sale product or service. The sole purpose of this call centre course is to provide information to learner about call centre that how call centre works, what are the roles of employees in call centre. Moreover, this call centre course is not only limited to working at call centre rather it equips the learner with communication skills. Call centre skills are important in terms of enhancing communication skills over call. Additionally, this call centre course will feed the learner with strategies and skills to progress in call centre field whether selling products/services or attending calls and providing customer services. Phone skills are a highly valuable tool to have in an employee’s skill-set, and Call Centre Training will help provide those skills. This call centre course will help the learner to improve their phone skills which will make them more confident, improve sales, and help gain new customers while retaining your current cliental. A more confident employee is also one that is happier, and happier employees will produce happier customers, so this is taken care in call centre training.

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First call impressions are the new first impressions, and you know what they say about those!

The call centre training essentials course, takes all its participants on a journey of professionally refining their phone skills.

This training ultimately helps to up employee confidence in regards to handling clients, improving sales, and building even better relationships with both would be and existing customers.

The course helps to:

  • Lower costs, by improving employee productivity and performance.
  • By employing evaluating metrics and coaching, this course ensures that participants are able to reach their full potential, and keep their skill set at an optimum level.

Course Curriculum

  • Getting Started
  • The Basics (I)
  • The Basics (II)
  • Phone Etiquette
  • Tools
  • Speaking Like a Star
  • Types of Questions
  • Benchmarking
  • Goal Setting
  • Key Steps
  • Review Questions
  • Closing the call
  • Review Questions

What’s Included?

  • Unlimited lifetime access
  • Access anywhere, any time
  • Fast effective training, written and designed by industry experts
  • Track your progress with our Learning Management System
  • Unlimited support
  • Save money, time and travel costs
  • Learn at your own pace and leisure
  • Easier to retain knowledge and revise topics than traditional methods

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