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Beauty Therapy Diploma


Beauty therapy involves taking care of the skin, nails and hair for aesthetic enhancement. It also involves relaxation treatments, such as massages for muscles. Beauty therapists use cosmetics and other beauty instruments and products to do their jobs. This exclusive Beauty Therapy Diploma has been designed for ambitious candidates with a passion for beauty, though no specific knowledge or experience in the field. If looking to break into this dynamic and rewarding industry for the first time, targeted studies could make all the difference. Pick up the essential skills, talents and confidence required to make it as a successful beauty therapist and there’s no telling how far you could go.

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There are many reasons why you should study beauty therapy if you are interested in the field. Beauty treatments help people to feel confident about themselves, and they relieve the daily pressures that take their toll on the body. The benefit to you as the therapist is the financial reward, the satisfaction of seeing the results of your work and the numerous career opportunities that this industry has to offer. Studying is necessary for giving you the skills to do the job well and to help you to become a competent therapist. The goal of this Beauty Therapy course is to inspire, and help you develop confidence, prerequisite skills and knowledge that will enable you to be useful in this industry. You will learn how to treat your clients and give affective home care advice and after care. Some of the Beauty Therapy course contents include consultation procedures, performing skin analysis, professional make up procedures, different skin treatments, hair care, pedicure, and manicure.