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Debt Management Skills Diploma


This highly practical and stimulating course is tailored to give students a solid grounding in credit control and debt management. With a sharp focus on the core principles and disciplines required to ensure financial equilibrium, the skills you will gain on this course are highly transferable and extremely attractive to prospective employers. This course is particularly well suited to professionals and the self-employed, as it will also explore the tools and processes that are available to avoid financial problems and non-payment issues. Freelancers and the self-employed may find aspects of the course particularly useful, as they know only too well that when a customer doesn’t pay, it affects your ability to meet your bills and payments. This course explains the legal recovery processes available to you, along with other means of recovering owed money. This course will also explore insolvency and bankruptcies, ensuring you are legally aware and compliant with legal processes, in order to get the highest dividend from administrators and receivers, should one of your customers fall into difficulties. The course will also equip you with practical advice on using factoring services, engaging bailiffs and private debt collection companies, and how to communicate with problem customers.

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Debt management is an essential aspect of financial management and budgeting. Whether in a personal capacity or within a work context, evaluating and maintaining good credit is necessary for the success of individuals and businesses alike. This home study course is designed to help you identify all the factors contributing to debt, analyze the context and then offer the tools and know-how to build an efficient debt management strategy to achieve financial independence.

The distance learning course is aimed at anyone working with debt management and financial planning. It is equally helpful to anyone experiencing insolvency, bankruptcy, a poor credit rating as an individual and it would help any small business owners to plan for such situations. There is no need for prior qualifications to enroll in this debt management skills course straight away. It is specifically designed to offer a ground understanding of key financial issues regardless of your previous experience.

At the end of this course, you will become proficient in financial concepts and instruments of handling debt. You can explore the topic further with another course in financial planning, or even a higher education degree in finance and economics. The financial service sector is one of the most lucrative in the UK. An estimated 7.3% of the UK’s working population is employed in financial and related professional services, accounting for around 10.7% of the UK economy. As such the options of a career in finance are wide and varied.