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Introduction to Payroll Systems


The procedure through which employees are reimbursed for the amount of work they have done, by the employers is known as Payroll. Though it may seem like an everyday duty, Payroll has many complicated aspects that include taxes and maintaining accuracy that have to be performed with extreme caution. Software for the payroll system helps to manage the long list of data with exactness and perform calculations with minimum error.

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It is important that a specialised course in payroll systems is taken by those who are entrusted with the job of managing the intricate processing systems. Detailed information about the system and the methods in which various unique situations that arise within the payroll systems can be dealt with are provided during the term of the course. During the duration of the course, reports on various payroll functions that are necessary to undertake numerous supervisory and management tasks are generated by the learners. Learners are also introduced to leave accrual and hiring and separation policies. The aim of the course is to provide fundamental knowledge and understanding of processes that involve basic calculations and preparation of a payroll. Knowledge about payroll processes, procedures and skills required when undertaking routine tasks as well as special tasks are acquired by the learners. Learners are helped to identify employees’ pay differentiation and entitlements. The course enables them to make calculations in relation to gross and net pay.


1. Introduction and Starters and Leavers – Manual System

2. Gross Pay and Statutory Pay

3. The PAYE Regime and the NIC Regime

4. Statutory and Voluntary Deductions and Net Pay

5. Payslips

6. RTI and the Payroll System and Working the Computerised Payroll System