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Accounting Certification Bundle


Accounting Certification Course Bundle (USA Standards) Would you like a career with great earning potential and the chance for progression? Accountancy is an excellent path to choose, as accountants are in high demand at the moment and receive frequent promotions once they have 1 or 2 years of experience. Whether you hope to become an accountant or need to learn to do accounts for your own business, this course bundle is the perfect guide. This Accounting Certification Course Bundle is a combination of the courses of: Accounting Essentials Accounting for Business Business Accounting Small Business Accounting The aim of this bundle is to provide a complete and advanced education in accounting, whether for a small business, large organisation, or if you hope to work on a freelance basis. Upon successful completion candidates will be fully able to carry out basic accounting tasks, more advanced aspects like managerial accounting and will understand all aspects of accurate bookkeeping practices. Also, you will have the chance to read and interpret the information you will need to help you make better business decisions. Studying with Global Edulink has many advantages. The course material is delivered straight to you, and can be adapted to fit in with your lifestyle. It is created by experts within the industry, meaning you are receiving accurate information, which is up-to-date and easy to understand. This course is comprised of professionally narrated e-Learning modules, interactive quizzes, tests and exams. All delivered through a system that you will have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days (12 months). An effective support service and study materials will build your confidence to study efficiently and guide you to secure your qualification. Please Note: This Course is Based on USA Standards * Free E-certificate (No additional cost for E-certificates)

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Accounting and finance_Accountancy


Course Objectives:

The main aim of this course is to provide students with a full understanding of the role and responsibilities of an Accountant or Bookkeeper, and the ability to carry out the daily tasks of an Accountant or Bookkeeper to a high standard.

This online training course is comprehensive and designed to cover the topics listed under the curriculum.

Course Curriculum (Type Of Course Material: Video)

Accounts Essentials

01. Basics Accounting and Debits & Credits

  • Accounting Basics
  • Definition of Accounts, Debits & Credits

02. Guide to Understanding Financial Statements

Accounting for Business

01. Course Introduction

02. Definitions of Accounting

03. Overview of Financial Accounting

04. Learning Managerial Accounting

05. Understanding Income Taxes

06. Conclusion

Business Accounting


  • Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • Defining a Business


  • Ethics and Accounting Principles
  • Accounting Equation & Transactions
  • Financial Statements


  • The Accounting Equation and Transactions
  • Transactions – Journalizing


  • Posting Entries and The Trial Balance
  • Finding Errors Using Horizontal Analysis
  • The Purpose of the Adjusting Process


  • Adjusting Entries
  • Vertical Analysis


  • Preparing a Worksheet
  • The Income Statement
  • Financial Statements- Definitions


  • Temporary vs. Permanent Accounts
  • Accounting Cycle


  • Financial Year
  • Spreadsheet Exercise

Small Business Accounting

01. Introduction to Accounting
02. Financial Statements
03. Assets and Liabilities
04. Inventory and Cost Methods
05. Stakeholders and Equity
06. Managerial Accounting
07. Cost Accounting
08. Costs and Expenses
09. Budgetary Control
10. Analysis and Decision Making

Method of Assessment:

At the end of each course learners will take an online multiple-choice questions assessment test. This online multiple-choice question test is marked automatically so you will receive an instant grade and know whether you have passed the course.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded an Accounting Certification for each course separately.

Benefits you will gain:

  • High quality e-learning study materials and mock exams.
  • Tutorials/materials from the industry leading experts.
  • 24/7 Access to the Learning Portal.
  • Recognised Accredited Qualification
  • Excellent customer service and administrative support.
  • Learners will be Eligible for TOTUM Discount Card