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Financial Modelling Basics


Financial modelling in Excel is extremely useful to forecast and make key decisions about your company’s performance. This online course is designed for beginners, to give you a solid foundation in the preparation needed before you build a financial model. You will learn the necessary concepts, functions and features required to structure and design your financial model to maximize usability and minimize risk. Examples are provided throughout so that you can apply the practical knowledge you learn through hands-on application in Excel.

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  • 55 practical tutorials.
  • Understand the four key attributes of a good financial model.
  • Useful Excel keyboard shortcuts to speed up your modeling.
  • Layout tips to make your model easy to navigate through and understand.
  • How to design your model to separate the inputs and calculations.
  • The difference between formats and styles, and how to import styles into a workbook.
  • How to effectively use number formatting and custom number formats.
  • When and how to effectively apply conditional formatting.
  • How to effectively assign and use range names, add hyperlinks and data validation.
  • The importance of checks to keep your model error free.
  • Printing and viewing tips, linking tips and security tips to protect your model.
  • Key Excel functions that are essential to know when building a financial model.