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Certificate Level Accounting for Business


Do you wish to know about well-paying fields of education before you make a decision about your career? You can take this course to explore about business accounting! If you are an entrepreneur aiming to start-up your own business or if you want general know about business accounting and see if the field interests you, this introductory course for Certificate Level Accounting for Business is a great catch for you. Accountancy, in the recent years is one of the most looked up for field in terms of employment. You might be able to make a career in accounting and find quick progression as well owed to your experience and skills. This course gets you familiar with all the necessary accounting knowledge about accounting in small businesses. Learn the fundamentals of financial accounting, managerial accounting, income taxes and business accounting with this easy yet informative course. By the end of it, you will be able to know the basics of single as well as double-entry bookkeeping as well. You could end up in a career in finance, business management, auditing or chartered accountancy. The course gives learners a good idea about accounting and the fields related to it. Students will be well equipped to analyse cash flows and transactions and all kinds of financial sheets and statements as well.

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Learning outcomes:

During the period of this course, you will be able to learn:

  • Purpose of accounting for business and its importance
  • Basic accounting rules, methods and terminologies
  • Clear and crisp ways of presenting and writing financial statements
  • Identifying the correct ways for keeping accounts according to the kind of a business
  • How to create an efficient system to record all accounts of a business
  • Financial accounting and management theories for small businesses


The assessment would consist of an MCQ exam. The learners will be taking it online at the end of the course. The results would be displayed right after the submission of the completed exam, stating whether learners have qualified and would receive the certificate for the course.


All students will receive a certification for Accounting for Business, which is accredited by IAP and CPD, upon the successful completion of the modules.