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Diploma in Bookkeeping and Accounting – Level 3


Diploma in Bookkeeping and Accounting – Level 3 (USA Standards) All firms and businesses in the world need to monitor their cash flows and transactions on a daily basis. Learn bookkeeping and increase your chances of employment! In order to run a business successfully, it is of key importance to know how to manage accounts and monitor transactions. And for businesses that are slightly bigger, the use of accounting methodologies is vital for creating papers and documents of partnerships, mergers, company policies, etc. The Diploma in Bookkeeping and Accounting – Level 3 (USA Standards) is the qualification certified by accredited institutions that can help you gain a deeper understand of all the business accounting and bookkeeping nitty-gritties! The knowledge and a certified qualification of this knowledge will help you secure high-paying jobs in professional firms and companies or work as a freelance bookkeeper to keep track of up and running businesses. A lot of smart business decisions are often a product of bookkeeping records. It helps identify moneymaking opportunities and decrease spending on wasteful resources. Moreover, a clearer picture of a company’s cash flows and records make the decisions in partnerships, buying and lending easier too. The course will include training from the very basics of accounts and bookkeeping and move on to more advanced levels such as tax accounting, switching to computerised accounting systems and handling audits. By the end of this course, the diploma will fully equip you to be a professional accountant and/or bookkeeper. Why should you choose us? No Hidden Fee Free e-certificate (PDF) Free Career Support Service Free CV Writing and Interview Skills Pack available with this course. Get 2 days (48 hours) of free access to one of our 140 course strong course libraries, we will issue access upon your request when you have purchased a course. Nationally and internationally recognised Accredited qualification Excellent quality video tutorials Get Tutor support Monday-Friday Get one year’s access to the course Get support by phone, live chat, and email Join our friendly online learning platform Our Course is fully compatible with PC’s, Mac’s, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone devices. So, you can access your course on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. There is no time limit for completing this course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace. All tests are online and are taken either during or after the course, these are included in the price.

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Course Curriculum

Following key topics are covered in this course;

Module 1– Accounting Fundamentals

Module 2– Different Forms Of Accounting

Module 3– Understanding Of Your Accounts

Module 4– Inventory Control & Sales Tracking

Module 5– How To Control And Manage Expenses

Module 6– How To Avoid Illegal Accounting

Module 7– Fundamentals Of Bookkeeping

Module 8– Accurate Bookkeeping And Uses

Module 9– Tax Accounting

Module 10-Process Of Audit

Learning outcomes:

During the period of this course, you will be able to learn:

  • Introduction to accounting: what decisions to make when setting up an accounting system
  • Financial, management and tax accounting
  • Understanding accounts of a firm so that they can be converted into computerised data for better management
  • Tracking inventory and sales and balancing cash
  • Managing expenses including payrolls and other financial liabilities on a firm
  • Highlighting improper accounting mistakes to avoid any kind of illegal accounting that can get a business into trouble
  • Introduction to bookkeeping and dealing with single as well as double entry bookkeeping
  • Effectively preparing financial documents
  • Understanding tax returns, reporting and filing
  • Preparing internal and external audits


The assessment would consist of an MCQ exam. The learners will be taking it online at the end of the course. Its result would be displayed right after the submission of the completed exam, stating whether learners have qualified and would receive the certification.


All students will receive a Diploma in Accounting and Bookkeeping – Level 3 accredited by IAP and CPD upon the successful completion of the modules.