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Equality & Diversity


Diploma in Workplace Diversity Equality & Workplace Diversity Course is an ongoing process to educate employees on the proper way to treat people of different backgrounds. Equality & Diversity Course will teach you different ways to maintain Equality , Diversity in the workplace while bringing employees together. The main goal of a successful diversity training program is to create a positive work environment. This course will teach you basic knowledge of How to Create Diversity Training programs for employees as HR staff. This Equality & Diversity course is designed for the candidates who want to start their career in human resource management discipline. Professional and employed individuals seeking for promotions or want to improve their skills and knowledge are also advised to take this course. Small business owners, HR professionals who are interested in enhancing their knowledge about HR can also take this course. Equality & Diversity

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Diploma in Workplace Diversity

Course / Training Format

After successful enrolment, learner will get access to ILC Moodle, where all the study material / Course Manual will be available. Learning Platform can be accessed 24/7 anywhere, anytime.

Course Manual contains several modules, each having specific knowledge and case study at the end. All the courses material will be in the form of texts (images/illustrations), and there are no video or live lectures during the training course.

The Test (MCQ’s) will be based on modules of Course Manual.


After studying through the training manual, Learner will have to attempt the Final Test (online multiple-choice test – 2 attempts), if necessary, may attempt the test third times at no extra cost. Your test will be assessed automatically and straightaway so that you will directly know whether you have been successful or not. The passing score is 80%. You can retake the test in the case of not being successful at the first attempt.

Before attempting your Final Test, you will have the opportunity to test your proficiency with a Mock Test (online multiple-choice test – Unlimited attempts).

All test(s) / Assessment(s) are online and are taken either through or after the course, these are included in the course price.

Equality & Diversity : course Duration

The minimum time period to complete this training is 4 Weeks. But it is a self-paced course, and the duration of completion depends on the learner’s pace and ability to give time to study.

Learners will have access to their Course via ILC Moodle for up to 12 months from the date of enrolment. During this period, flexibility will be given to learners for completing the course at any time.

Equality & Diversity course Certification

Upon successfully passing the Final Assignment(s) / Final Test Learner needs to pay for Certificate of Completion from ILC either in PDF format or Hardcopy.

Certificate of Completion (PDF format) = £20

Certificate of Completion (Hardcopy) = £30 + postage charges £15