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Gastronomy and Culinary Training for Professional Chefs


The Gastronomy and Culinary Training for Professional Chefs is specially designed to provide you with all the professional skills and industry knowledge you need to take your career to the next level. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of Gastronomy and Culinary and its key areas, covering the fundamentals and beyond. Our courses have been broken down into several user-friendly modules, taught by an experienced professional who will take you through each topic step-by-step. Not only will you gain an insight into the different roles in this field, but you will develop both practical and theoretical understanding that can be applied in a real-life context. This training will give you the confidence and credentials to stand out to prospective employers in the relevant sector, climb up the career ladder and boost your earning potential in no time. Enrol today and invest in your bright future. Why iBeauty is Your Best Choice Key Features of Gastronomy and Culinary Training for Professional Chefs: Immersive course materials (i.e. videos, presentations and explanatory figures.) Comprehensive course design On-demand learning support 24/7 Freedom to study at your own pace Instant certification on course completion CPD accreditation Course content developed by “Industry Experts/Professionals”

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Our comprehensive Gastronomy and Culinary Training for Professional Chefs course is designed to give our learners the best possible learning experience. We’ve broken up our Gastronomy and Culinary Training for Professional Chefs course into 9 bite sized modules. To achieve certifiable skills, there is no better place than iBeauty.

*** Course Curriculum***

**Gastronomy and Culinary Training for Professional Chefs**

Module 01: An Introduction to Gastronomy

  • Gastronomy
  • Types of Gastronomy
  • The Status of Gastronomy in Society
  • Summary

Module 02: Gastronomic Concepts

  • Structure and Appeal in Gastronomy
  • Understanding the Need for Satisfactions
  • The Meal Experience Concept
  • Food and Drink on Offer
  • Healthy Eating and Drinking
  • Summary

Module 03: Thermal Processing of Food

  • Thermal Processing of Food
  • Blanching
  • Pasteurisation
  • Sterilisation
  • Canned Foods
  • Summary

Module 04: Meat Preservation and Processing

  • Packaging of Chilled Meat
  • Aerobic Packaging of Raw Meat and its Spoilage
  • Vacuum-Packaging of Raw Meat and its Spoilage
  • Packaging of Raw Meat in Saturated Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere
  • Packaging of Raw Meat in a Modified Atmosphere
  • Intelligent and Active Packaging of Food
  • Freezing of Meat
  • Salting and Curing of Meat
  • Smoking of Meat
  • Fermentation of Meat
  • Summary

Module 05: Preservation and Processing of Fish

  • Fish Spoilage
  • Methods of Preservation of Fish
  • Preservation for Short Duration
  • Preservation for Long Duration
  • Processing of Fish
  • Summary

Module 06: Culinary Techniques- Meat Preparation

  • Roasting and Baking
  • Grilling and Broiling
  • Simmering, Poaching and Stewing
  • Panfrying and Stir-Frying
  • Deep-Frying
  • Slow Cooking
  • Pressure Cooking
  • What Is the Healthiest Way to Cook Meat?
  • Summary

Module 07: Culinary Techniques-Fish Preparation

  • Poaching
  • Grilling
  • Shallow Frying
  • Deep-Frying
  • Baking
  • Braising
  • Steaming
  • Finishing Fish and Shellfish Dishes
  • Summary

Module 08: Physical, Chemical and Allergenic Hazards

  • Physical Contamination
  • Types of Physical Contamination
  • Prevention and Controlling Physical Contamination
  • Chemical Hazards
  • How to Control Chemical Contamination
  • Allergenic Hazards
  • The Major Types of Allergen
  • Food Allergy vs. Food Intolerance
  • Anaphylactic Shock
  • Summary

Module 09:Reopening and Adapting Your Food Business during COVID-19

  • Food Production during COVID-19
  • Staff Hygiene and Infection Control
  • Risk Assessment and Managing Risk
  • Decontamination of the Premises and Equipment
  • Maintaining Social Distancing in Restaurants
  • Keeping Employees and Customers Safe
  • Contact Free Delivery
  • Summary

Assessment Method:

To obtain the course completion certificate, you have to attend an assessment exam at the end of the course. This is an automated, instant MCQ exam which tests knowledge you achieved through your learning. First retake is on the house, if you need, as a promotional offer!!!


Our Gastronomy and Culinary Training for Professional Chefs course is fully accredited. Rest assured with our accredited courses, because we strive to provide up-to-date skills and knowledge to help you become more competent and effective in your field of interest.


Through our accredited courses, you can show your commitment to gain new skills and contribute to personal and professional development, improve your job prospects, enhance and evolve in career. Upon successful completion of your Gastronomy and Culinary Training for Professional Chefs, you can obtain a PDF copy of your certificate at the cost of £4.99 or a Printed hard copy at £9.99. Or you can have both (PDF + hard copy) at £11.99. [FREE POSTAGE]