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Professional Makeup Artist


Learn pro-level makeup techniques from experts with this practical Professional Makeup Artist Training . The beauty industry is booming. This Professional Makeup Artist course explains techniques and best practices that will help you to become a Master Makeup Artist. Key Learning Points of Professional Makeup Artist Training: Earn an accredited certificate as proof of your professional skills and knowledge Learn techniques from the experts that will take your career to the next level Understand best practices for makeup and skin care products Familiarise with the tools of the trade and professional makeup equipment Know how to interact with your clients and make them feel relaxed Explore various employment opportunities for makeup artists Have knowledge of the challenges of working in the beauty industry and ways to overcome them This Professional Makeup Artist course will introduce you to the tools of the trade, teaching you how to apply makeup, skin prep and so much more. You’ll also learn about the working requirements and opportunities as Professional Makeup Artist in the beauty industry. A big part of being a makeup artist is client interaction, and you will develop all the skills necessary to communicate effectively with your clients to make them feel at ease and keep them coming back with this Professional Makeup Artist Training . Moreover, you learn to assess your clients requirements accurately so you can provide the best beauty solution possible. Key Features of Professional Makeup Artist Training: Immersive course materials (i.e. videos, presentations and explanatory figures.) Comprehensive course design On-demand learning support 24/7 Freedom to study at your own pace Instant certification on course completion CPD accreditation Course content developed by “Industry Experts/Professionals”

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Our Professional Makeup Artist Training is designed to give our learners the best possible learning experience. We’ve broken down our Professional Makeup Artist Training into manageable modules so you don’t get overwhelmed. To achieve certifiable skills as a Makeup Artist there is no better place than iBeauty.

**** Professional Makeup Artist Course Curriculum****

***Professional Makeup Artist***


  • Makeup Artist – 1: Beauty Brushes
  • Makeup Artist – 2: Your Makeup Kit
  • Makeup Artist – 3: Etiquette On Set
  • Makeup Artist – 4: How to Use Color Correctors
  • Makeup Artist – 5: Film & Television Makeup Artistry
  • Makeup Artist – 6: Tattoo Covering
  • Makeup Artist – 7: Tips On Natural Beauty Makeup
  • Makeup Artist – 8: Tips On Glamour Makeup
  • Makeup Artist – 9: How To Tips for Teenage Makeup
  • Makeup Artist – 10: Makeup Tips for Sophisticated Ladies
  • Makeup Artist – 11: Airbrush Makeup
  • Makeup Artist – 12: Bridal Makeup
  • Makeup Artist – 13: Eyes and Lips
  • Makeup Artist – 14: Be Camera Ready
  • Makeup Artist – 15: Skin Nutrition
  • Makeup Artist – 16: Detox Your Makeup Bag & Travel Like a Boss
  • Makeup Artist – 17: Henna Hair Color
  • Makeup Artist – 18: Fast Start Business Training
  • Makeup Artist – 19: What Does Bethany do to Stay Fresh


  • Makeup Artist – 1: Skin Care and Tanning
  • Makeup Artist – 2: Facials
  • Makeup Artist – 3: Hair Removal Options
  • Makeup Artist – 4: Dermaplaning
  • Makeup Artist – 5: Esthetician Tools
  • Makeup Artist – 6: Know your Toxic ingredients
  • Makeup Artist – 7: LED Light Therapy
  • Makeup Artist – 8: Microneedling
  • Makeup Artist – 9: Natural and Chemical Peels
  • Makeup Artist – 10: Skincare Using Spices
  • Makeup Artist – 11: Skin Disorder and Diseases
  • Makeup Artist – 12: Sugaring
  • Makeup Artist – 13: Tinting
  • Makeup Artist – 14: How To Be and Get Camera Ready
  • Makeup Artist – 15: Why No Microdermabrasion
  • Makeup Artist – 16: Food Knowledge
  • Makeup Artist – 17: Skincare Using Spices

Things to Know As a Beauty Professional

  • Makeup Artist – 1: Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
  • Makeup Artist – 2: Detox Your Deodorant
  • Makeup Artist – 3: Dry Brushing
  • Makeup Artist – 4: Face Masks
  • Makeup Artist – 5: Find Your Perfect Color
  • Makeup Artist – 6: Go Earthing
  • Makeup Artist – 7: Good Morning Detox
  • Makeup Artist – 8: Hot Flashes
  • Makeup Artist – 9: Luxury Spa Treatments at Home
  • Makeup Artist – 10: How to Conceal and Correct Under Your Eyes
  • Makeup Artist – 11: Make-Up Your Health Routine
  • Makeup Artist – 12: Oil Pulling- Natural Teeth Whitening
  • Makeup Artist – 13: Tanning Beds or Spray Tanning
  • Makeup Artist – 14: What’s in Your Lipstick

But Wait, There’s More: Image Consulting

  • Makeup Artist – 1: Flip Your Style
  • Makeup Artist – 2: Accessories for Guys
  • Makeup Artist – 3: Do’s and Don’t’s for Men
  • Makeup Artist – 4: Fashion for the Average Man
  • Makeup Artist – 5: How to Look Great in a Suit
  • Makeup Artist – 6: How to Organize Your Closet
  • Makeup Artist – 7: Where Can Men Shop
  • Makeup Artist – 8: Body Types
  • Makeup Artist – 9: Keys to Fashion
  • Makeup Artist – 10: Staples
  • Makeup Artist – 11: Tour of Fabrics
  • Makeup Artist – 12: Wigs
  • Makeup Artist – 13: Material World & Where to Buy Fabrics
  • Makeup Artist – 14: What Does Bethany do to Stay Fresh

Assessment Method:

To obtain the Makeup Artist Professional Training completion certificate, you have to attend an assessment exam at the end of the Make-up Artistry course. This is an automated, instant MCQ exam which tests knowledge you achieved through your learning. First retake is on the house, if you need, as a promotional offer!!!


Our Makeup Artist Professional Training is fully accredited. Rest assured with our accredited courses, because we strive to provide up-to-date skills and knowledge to help you become more competent and effective in your field of interest.


Through our Makeup Artist Professional Training, you can show your commitment to gain new skills and contribute to personal and professional development, improve your job prospects, enhance and evolve in career. Upon successful completion of your Makeup Artist Professional Training, you can obtain a PDF copy of your certificate at the cost of £4.99 or a Printed hard copy at £9.99. Or you can have both (PDF + hard copy) at £11.99. [FREE POSTAGE]