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Fundraising and Crowdfunding Management – CPD Certified


Go from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur. Follow the plan in our Fundraising & Crowdfunding Management course online to be part of the elite 1 in 3 who successfully raises finance to kickstart their exciting new project. If you dream it, you can do it! See your business idea come to life by knowing how to create excitement about your venture using solid financial management techniques. Whether you’re raising the finance for a new enterprise or product, or much-needed funds for a good cause or charity, we’ll show you how to plan and launch a wildly-successful crowdfunding or fundraising campaign. KEY COURSE BENEFITS: Lifetime access – No time limits – Study at your own pace Internationally-recognised CPD accredited course Start learning straightaway from any laptop or mobile device in any country Immediate certificate download when you complete the course It’s like having a financial management service in your pocket. You can consult our online Our Fundraising & Crowdfunding Management course any time to plan, finance, run and launch your campaign on the right crowdfunding platform. Turn your vision into reality by investing in our Fundraising & Crowdfunding Management course now.

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You’ve a brilliant idea for an amazing service or product but you lack funds. You see a good cause or charity that you passionately believe in but it’s struggling through lack of finance. By using the power of the online community, you can secure the finance to launch your business or help local causes.

More than £25 billion was raised last year for crowdfunding projects globally. Business and entrepreneurship is the most popular crowdfunding category attracting 41.4% of all projects followed by social causes with 18.9%. However, 2 out of 3 projects fail to attract the finance they require. The most successful projects have been carefully thought out so every stage of the campaign is executed perfectly. Our Fundraising & Crowdfunding Management course hands you the blueprint to kickstart a successful campaign.

When you complete this online Fundraising & Crowdfunding Management course you will be able to:

  • Be the 1 in 3 who successfully raises finance by being able to manage a triumphant crowdfunding campaign on the right platform.
  • Create a financial management plan containing everything you need to launch your enterprise
  • Select the right crowdfunding platform to boost your chances of success
  • Analyse your project to ensure that it’s a good fit for crowdfunding
  • Find your target audience to back you with all the finance required
  • Calculate your fundraising goals
  • Make sure there is the market demand for your venture
  • Build a network of interested consumers
  • Create a buzz for your crowdfunding project with successful marketing
  • Prepare to launch your campaign
  • Communicate with your funders who’ve shown faith in you

Get the finance to build your business, be an entrepreneur and support good causes by reaching out to interested investors online. Start our Fundraising & Crowdfunding Management course now. Study online and at any time from anywhere.

How is the Fundraising & Crowdfunding Management course assessed?

By studying Fundraising & Crowdfunding Management online with IOA, you do not pay an extra fee for sitting an exam or have to wait for a set date to sit an exam. There is a short exam at the end of each module for you to take, You’ll know your score immediately.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you must complete the course and successfully pass each course module with a score of 55% or more to be eligible for the certificate. You can also get the ICOES certificate for a small fee to cover printing and posting.

Fundraising & Crowdfunding Management Course Syllabus

Module 1: Your Investor Options In Crowdsourcing Capital

  • What is Crowdfunding?
  • Your Guide to Fundraising
  • Investor Alternatives to Crowdfunding
  • The Requirements for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
  • A Quick Look at the Top Campaigns in Recent Years

Module 2: Understanding Market Dynamics And Demand

  • Market Demand
  • Why Statistics Matter
  • Making the Cut
  • Understanding Manufacturing & Production Timelines
  • Getting Production Quotes
  • Doing Your Homework

Module 3: Business Planning For Crowdfunding & Fundraising

  • Your Responsibilities to Your Funders
  • Your Target Audience
  • Protecting Your Intellectual Rights
  • Calculating Fundraising Goals

Module 4: Marketing For Crowdfunding

  • Creating the Perfect Pitch
  • Branding Your Product
  • Appealing to Emotions
  • The Right Media
  • Share Marketing
  • Driving Content Media
  • Creating a Buzz
  • It All Starts with You

Module 5: Getting Started

  • Creating Content
  • Preparing for the Launch
  • Building Your Network
  • Fine-tuning Your Campaign
  • Outreach and Early Engagement
  • Adding Value and Authenticity
  • Sharing Your Credentials
  • Communicating with Your Funders