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Cyber Security The Cyber Security Practical Experience Programme exclusively from ITcertify The Cyber Security PEP Complete package has been heavily discounted and is specifically designed to meet the growing demands of cyber security employers that urgently need to recruit Cyber Security employees. The Cyber Security Practical Experience Programme supports your complete transition into a cyber security role so that you can begin your career in cyber security. The Cyber Security Practical Experience Programme is split into two parts to save on your access time for the cyber security programme. We release the IT Support course onto your learning portal straight away with 12 months access. Once these are finished we then release the Cyber Security courses onto your portal so that we can add these on with a fresh 12 months access thus extending your access time. Get a job in Cyber Security with the NEW Fast Track Cyber Security Practical Experience Programme for beginners looking to get into Cyber Security 11 essential Cyber Security courses worth ?2189 Cyber Security Practical Experience with two Live Practise Labs worth ?198 (CompTIA A+ and Cyber Security specific CompTIA Security +) Professional CV Consultation worth ?149 for your Cyber Security Career CompTIA A+ Exam included (Both parts) worth ?310 Now updated with the Fast Track access allowing you to apply for entry level cyber security jobs in just 3-4 months. Our Cyber Security Practical Experience Programme includes all of the below to help you begin a career in Cyber Security: Cyber Security Programme STEP 1: Study 11 x essential Cyber Security courses worth ?2189 broken into two parts: Part 1 – IT Support CompTIA IT Fundamentals CompTIA A+ CompTIA Network + CompTIA Cloud + Windows 10 Information Technology Infrastructure ITIL Foundations Cisco CCENT Part 2 – Cyber Security CompTIA Security + CompTIA Linux + CompTIA CySA + (Cyber Security Analyst) CCKK Cloud Computing Security Knowledge Ethical Hacker (added free of charge not compulsory) Cyber Security Programme Step 2: Use your Unlimited Mock Test Support for the CompTIA A+ exam Before we put you forward for the CompTIA A+ exams we will support you all the way with unlimited Mock Test Support. This means that it doesn’t matter whether you need 3 Mock Tests or 10 Mock Tests, however many you need we will provide these to you until your hitting our 85% pass rate twice. This means before you take the A+ exam you know you will pass first time (pass rate needed 73% for CompTIA A+ Core 1 and 75% for CompTIA A+ Core 2) Cyber Security Programme Step 3: Pass the CompTIA A + Exam – The CompTIA A + exam (exam cost is included) is in two parts and will be taken at a local Pearson Test Centre. You will need to achieve 80% in the real exam to pass. Our Mock Tests require 85% (twice) so once you pass these you know you are ready. Cyber Security Programme Step 4: Cyber Security Practical Experience -Begin your practical experience by completing the Practise Lab for the CompTIA A + Core 2 and CompTIA Security +. Here you will have access to a real world environment where you will be troubleshooting real world issues with Network connections, switches, routers and work stations for example. These will be identical to issues you will be in charge of fixing when you work in an IT Support role with entry level cyber security. Cyber Security Programme Step 4: Professional CV consultation – Here we will go through all of the new cyber security skills you have gained through the cyber security courses and cyber security practical experience. We will also add all of the transferable skills that you didn’t even know you possessed that relate to cyber security. We will also ensure that your new cyber security CV is ATS proof meaning that it won’t get automatically rejected by all of the bots that employers now use. Due to the ease of candidates being able to apply for jobs now (you can do 30 applications just ticking some boxes) employers use an ATS robot which automatically scan through CV’s received send an automated rejection letter if that CV received doesn’t contain enough

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Cyber Security

Why get into Cyber Security?

UK’s booming cyber security sector worth £8.3 billion and the number of active cyber security firms in the UK has increased 44 per cent from 2017.

The UK’s cyber security industry is now worth an estimated £8.3 billion, with total revenues in the sector up 46 per cent from £5.7 billion in 2017.

  • The number of active cyber security firms in the UK has increased 44 per cent – up from 846 in 2017 to over 1,200 at year-end 2019. This growth is the equivalent to a new cyber security business being set up in the UK every week
  • There are now approximately 43,000 full time employees working in the cyber security sector, up 37 per cent from 2017
  • Total revenues within the cyber security sector have increased by 46 per cent to an estimated £8.3 billion. On average, revenue per employee reached £193,500 – an increase of 7 per cent since 2017
  • 2019 was a record year for the cyber security sector with more than £348 million of investment
  • Over the last four years (2016-19), total investment identified within the cyber security sector has exceeded £1.1 billion, demonstrating how confidence has grown in the cyber security industry.


Why choose ITcertify for your Cyber Security career?

You will gain 24 hour access to our world class online cyber security learning portal:

Navigation and Controls

Our self paced cyber security training programmes allow you to study anywhere at any time. Pause, Rewind and play as many times as you like with 24 hour access to your cyber security programme.

Expert instructor led training

Our cyber security instructors are experts in the cyber security industry with a minimum of 15 years real world experience backed with many certifications in their subject of expertise: Cyber Security

Visual cyber security demonstrations and multimedia cyber security presentations

Expert-led demonstrations and cyber security content rich presentations allow ITcertify students to develop their skills based on real world scenarios

Quizzes and exam simulators

Custom made practice exams reflect progress you have made throughout the IT and cyber security course. Practice quizzes after each module build your confidence before moving to the next level.

Flash cards and educational games

ITcertify understand every student is unique and learns at a different pace. Our Flashcards and Educational Games are engineered to keep you engaged and 100% focused on your cyber security training by providing a bit more fun to learning.

Apply for our cyber security programme today and you can begin your cyber security career in as little as 3 – 4 months