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Diploma in Accounting and Finance (SCQF Level 11/ RQF Level 7)


The Diploma in Accounting and Finance offers those learners with relevant experience, and/or an honours degree supported by aptitude/potential, the knowledge and skills they need to be operationally effective in a career in the fields of accounting and finance. For those learners that have prior experience in accounting and finance and who also possess a professional qualification, the pathway through this programme will develop their professional competence. The aims of this programme will allow learners to : Be able to demonstrate deep knowledge and understanding of accounting and finance within wider organisational contexts Be able to understand current issues, techniques and thinking in the area Be able to apply theoretical and applied perspectives and specialist skills to organisational contexts in which they operate The programme has been produced to conform to the requirements of UK regulatory authorities and the relevant Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) subject benchmark statements. Why choose LSPM? Your qualification is recognised and accepted world over. Experience online -time study like never before with our purpose built smart learning tools which gives you advantage of studying anytime and anywhere. Flexible payment plans , pay fee in easy monthly, quarterly or yearly instalments. Fast track mode – attain your qualification in just 6 months ! Dedicated Tutor Support via live chat.


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The learning outcomes will be achieved by the use of the following learning and teaching methods and strategies:

  • Learning and teaching situations such as lectures, tutorials and seminars
  • Live and simulated case studies
  • Coursework assignments (including problem solving activities, simulations, consultancy projects, individual reports, as well as more conventional written forms such as essays and other discursive assignments)
  • Course presentations
  • Reflective forms of assessment (e.g. portfolios, learner logs, and peer engagement)

Qualification structure

The Diploma in Accounting and Finance consists of 6 mandatory units for a combined total of 120 credits.

Mandatory Units

  • Strategy and Global Finance
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Strategic Auditing
  • Financial Analyst
  • Ethical behaviour and Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Reporting

Comparing Qualification:

Qualifications are different in different countries. However there are some clear stages
people move through in education that are common to most countries.

The list below gives an indication of how you can compare qualifications across
national boundaries:

  • Equivalent to Master’s Degrees, Integrated Master’s Degrees
  • Postgraduate Diplomas, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and Postgraduate Certificates.

Programme is offered in 2 duration modes :

  • Accelerated mode (6 months @ £1299)
  • Standard mode (9 months @ £999)

Payment Plans for Accelerated mode – 6 Months (GBP £1299)

  • Payment option (a): GBP £433 x 3 monthly instalments
  • Payment option (b): GBP £1234 x 1 instalment (We offer 5% bursary on total fee for students opting to pay in full)

Payment Plans for Standard mode – 9 Months (GBP £999)

  • Payment option (c): GBP £199 x 5 monthly instalments
  • Payment option (d): GBP £499 x 2 quarterly instalments
  • Payment option (e): GBP £949 x 1 instalment

(We offer 5% bursary on total fee for students opting to pay in full)