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Telephone Etiquette – Online Training Course – CPD Accredited


Telephone Etiquette – Online Training Course – Intermediate Level – CPDUK Accredited. Welcome to our online Telephone Etiquette training course. All our online training courses, programmes and qualifications are accredited by the CPD Certification Service (CPDUK). Phone etiquette is a highly valuable tool to have in an employee’s skill-set. This Telephone Etiquette training course will help participants improve their phone skills, which will make them more confident, improve sales, and help gain new customers while retaining current clientele. A more confident employee is also one that is happier, and happier employees will produce more satisfied customers. Through our online Telephone Etiquette course, participants will learn the skills to increase productivity and improve performance. This will produce a positive environment throughout your business and influence the organisation as a whole. Recognising the different skills used between inbound and outbound calls along with knowledge on how to deal with rude or angry callers makes this course a significant investment. Certificate duration: 2 years Entry requirements: No entry restrictions Recommended prerequisites: N/A Assessment type: End of course assessment Assessment pass mark – 80% needed to pass and gain a CPD certificate Cost(s) of assessment and certification – All costs included in the course price Awarding/Accrediting body – CPD Certification Service (CPDUK). Telephone Etiquette – Online Training Course – Intermediate Level – CPDUK Accredited.

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Course aims and objectives

With our online Telephone Etiquette training course, participants will begin to see how important it is to develop better telephone communication skills. By improving how they communicate on the telephone and improve basic communication skills, participants will improve on almost every aspect of their career.

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes of this online Telephone Etiquette training course are to:

  • Recognise the different aspects of telephone language
  • Properly handle inbound/outbound calls
  • Know how to handle angry or rude callers
  • Learn to receive and send phone messages
  • Understand different methods of employee training.

Why is this Telephone Etiquette course essential?

With so much attention being placed on online communication, whether it’s via email and social media, it seems that conversing with your actual voice is a lost art. However, answering the telephone is still a big part of the experience for many businesses.

Talking with someone effectively on the phone truly is an art form. It’s so much different from both talking to people online and in person. Online, you have the time to devise a great answer and think about what you are going to speak about before you press “enter.”

And when you are talking to someone in the flesh, you can use your facial expressions and body language to translate better what you are trying to get across. But when you are talking on the phone, it’s all about your voice and the way you speak to them directly. That’s why having good manners on the phone is so important.

What is covered in this course?

This online Telephone Etiquette training course includes the following:

  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: Aspects of Phone Etiquette
  • Module Three: Using Proper Phone Language
  • Module Four: Eliminate Phone Distractions
  • Module Five: Inbound Calls
  • Module Six: Outbound Calls
  • Module Seven: Handling Rude or Angry Callers
  • Module Eight: Handling Interoffice Calls
  • Module Eight: Review Questions
  • Module Nine: Handling Voicemail Messages
  • Module Ten: Methods of Training Employees
  • Module Eleven: Correcting Poor Telephone Etiquette
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Telephone Etiquette – Online Training Course – Intermediate Level – CPDUK Accredited.