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Accountancy & Finance For Beginners


Finance and Accounting for Beginners is the ideal course for Managers and Entrepreneurs who want to quickly learn the language of business such as; The Income Statement / Profit & Loss Statement and what to look out for in business meetings, the Balance Sheet and why this important statement is not complicated, Options for raising extra cash and Best practice when preparing statements.

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Course Highlights

  • 23 lectures, containing 1.5 hours of video content and supporting PDF’s
  • A comprehensive cover of the two components to a set of accounts
  • The real language of business
  • Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents that want to be taken seriously by their colleagues and bosses by acquiring the crucial accounting knowledge
  • The essential accounting knowledge for anyone planning a start-up business
  • This course is ideal for anyone who either works in a business, or has entrepreneurial ambitions to control their own business

Course Overview

Senior management place real value on colleagues that understand what makes their company tick, these individuals are the ones who get fast tracked up the promotion ladder. The Finance and Accounting for Beginners course will allow you to get ahead and surprise your colleagues or boss with this crucial knowledge.

Instructor Bio

Before becoming a Coaching Finance specialist Chris Moore’s career included 20 years in Financial Director roles, including working for USA companies. The last seven years were spent as the Managing Director of one of Boeing Aircraft’s UK subsidiaries, and in this time he oversaw the setting up of a multi-million dollar eLearning and training division.

Chris is a:– Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants– Fellow of the Institute of Directors– Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute– Global Management Accountant

Course Curriculum

Profit & Loss or Income Statement

  • About Chris the instructor
  • Profit and Loss, Income Statement Introduction Print
  • Introduction to the next video on P&L and Income Statements
  • Introduction to Profit & Loss and Income Statements
  • Profit & Loss, Income Statement Terms print
  • Expenses or Assets Print
  • Are they Expenses or Assets? Why is this?
  • Accounting Jargon explained
  • Profit & Loss Income Statement Accruals Print
  • Why Accruals Accounting is so Fundamental
  • Trial Balance into Financials print
  • How the Financials are born from the simple Trial Balance
  • Fixed Assets and how they are shown in the Income Statement
  • Inventories and Stocks Print
  • Stock movements (Inventories) and how they affect the financials

Balance sheets

  • Balance Sheet Intro
  • Is a Personal Balance Sheet the same as a Company Balance Sheet?
  • Balance Sheet Introduction
  • Balance Sheet Level 2

Cash & Working Capital

  • Raising cash from your receivables/debtors

Working More Efficiently

  • Show two different variables on the same chart
  • Jump around an excel worksheet
  • Eliminate Excel Error messages
  • How to present a moving financial chart in PowerPoint
  • Don’t get embarrassed, avoid adding mistakes with the rounding function

Other Points

  • Return on Capital Employed
  • How to calculate the Return on Capital Employed
  • International Rules
  • Transfer Pricing – International Rules
  • Why Absolute Referencing is important to save time
  • Excel and Calculator logic are Different
  • Invoice Finance

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