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Silicon Valley Career Masterclass: The CV Project Learn how to increase the number of call backs you receive Create a pro quality CV Accompanying professional templates A step by step guide to CV Keyword Optimisation 20+ CV samples for your use as you build out your own Eazl’s Power Language Tool Create an amazing LinkedIn Profile to get noticed by recruiters and companies! LinkedIn Networking Available on iOS and Android, apply your knowledge on the move Essential tips for creating the best possible LinkedIn profile Advice on groups and endorsements Tips on why you should follow up with emails to your new adds Perfect for existing LinkedIn users who want to get the most out of it Designed for anyone looking to generate new business or job opportunities through LinkedIn Career Development: Accelerate Your Corporate Career An hour of amazing advice that will empower you to create motivational career plans and flourish in your corporate career! Create a personal development plan that will guide you through your career Develop a mindset for success that will enable you to achieve promotions in your corporate career Gain tips for pleasing your manager, organising meetings with senior stakeholders and when to apply for promotions

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Silicon Valley Career Masterclass: The CV Project

Looking to stand out from the crowd? You already know how transformational an opportunity with an organization like Google, P&G, Facebook, and other mulitnational companies can be for your career (and for your life). In this project-based course, you’ll move step by step through the process of creating an absolutely stunning CV for yourself both on paper and online.

LinkedIn is not simply a case of listing your job positions, but there are secrets to making sure recruiters find you and are impressed at what they see. Get the most out of the world’s most popular business network with two whole sections dedicated to LinkedIn!

Using their vast experience of recruiting and helping candidates, Davis Jones and Team Eazl share the secrets from Silicon Valley so you can get your dream job offer straight into your inbox!

LinkedIn Networking

Are you networking efficiently on LinkedIn? Generating enough business leads, and professional interest from your profile? Do you want to be considered an influencer, as well as an expert in your field, but aren’t getting the views you need to push you forward?

This course will give you everything you need to maximise your profile, and get the most out of LinkedIn. Social media experts Efficiency Czar (who ranks in the top 1% of views for his industry) and Digital Entrepreneur, Alex Genadinik, are generating business leads through LinkedIn right now, and can help you do the same.

This course will take you through some of LinkedIn’s key features, and help you to focus your efforts. Pick up tips on how to boost your connections, and get the leads you deserve.

Through our series of videos, you will learn how to use this social networking tool to your advantage. Learn how to cut down on time-consuming meetings and cold calls, and bring people to your business, whatever your business.

Our experts have helped create business and job opportunities in industries including: Construction Real Estate Finance Hospitality Internet Marketing Sales & Marketing much more….

Career Development: Accelerate Your Corporate Career

Get into the mindset of a corporate winner and experience success with this course in how to Accelerate Your Corporate Career! Discover the secrets of fast corporate career progression, and learn how to create and use your own Personal Development Plan. By following these expert tips, you will achieve incredible things in your corporate career!

For someone so young, instructor Greg Henriques is highly successful. Greg has 10 years of experience in the corporate world, and is the founder of weGrow – an expert life coaching company. He is extremely motivated to share his success with others, so will use his knowledge and personal experience to help you kick-start your exciting career in corporate companies!

In this course you will discover how to gain control of your corporate career and progress to great heights! You will learn the 3 Pillars of Success as well as the key components of an effective and inspirational Personal Development Plan. You’ll learn important networking skills and how to learn as much as possible from your seniors, so that you too can be as successful as them!