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Personal Finance & Accounting Bundle


Personal Finance Masterclass Includes 169 lectures and over 7 hours of content. Learn how to budget and reduce expenses. Learn how to handle your money and invest the smart way. Finally master your knowledge on taxes, mortages and retirement plans. This course is suitable for anyone wanting to reduce expenses, save more money and gain control of their finances. Finance and Accounting For Beginners 23 lectures, containing 1.5 hours of video content and supporting PDF’s A comprehensive cover of the two components to a set of accounts The real language of business Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents that want to be taken seriously by their colleagues and bosses by acquiring the crucial accounting knowledge The essential accounting knowledge for anyone planning a start-up business This course is ideal for anyone who either works in a business, or has entrepreneurial ambitions to control their own business Gain Control Of Your Finances 16 lectures with 30 minutes of video content and supporting PDF materials Create your personal finance tracker Gain a clear and detailed view on how much they spend each month Discover their bottom line figure: the amount of money they can save each month Create a savings plan for the year and forecast how much money they will be able to accumulate

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Personal Finance Masterclass

Learn how to budget the smart way, invest your money and gain control over your income in this Personal Finance Course. Regardless of your financial expertise, you can learn how to manage everything from credit cards, loans and debts to real estate and mortgages. You can also develop a plan for your retirement and finally understand your budgets and savings.

Phil Ebiner is a best selling instructor with over 215,000 students. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television Production at Loyola Marymount University and also worked at the University of California Berkeley with the media team.

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their financial life, reduce their expenses and ultimately save more money. It will also suit anyone struggling with credit card or loan debts or those who require assistance in learning how to handle money.

Finance and Accounting For Beginners

Finance and Accounting for Beginners is the ideal course for Managers and Entrepreneurs who want to quickly learn the language of business such as; The Income Statement / Profit & Loss Statement and what to look out for in business meetings, the Balance Sheet and why this important statement is not complicated, Options for raising extra cash and Best practice when preparing statements.

Senior management place real value on colleagues that understand what makes their company tick, these individuals are the ones who get fast tracked up the promotion ladder. The Finance and Accounting for Beginners course will allow you to get ahead and surprise your colleagues or boss with this crucial knowledge.

Gain Control Of Your Finances

This course will help you to gain control over your finances by creating an individual copy of your "Finance Compass." This is a powerful tool to manage your finances each month, which provides you 100% clarity on how much you spent, including the invisible costs, and will enable you to know what your bottom line figure is: the range of money you have the opportunity to save each month!

Course instructor, Greg Henriques founded weGrow so that he could contribute to the well-being of others everyday. Greg has created this course to make managing your finances simple, easy, and straightforward.

Enrol on this course and create a clear and detailed view on how much they spend each month by using your personal finance tracker.