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Being a leader is easy, but the true greatness in leadership lies in the competency of providing targeted coaching to each employee and mentoring them to utilise their full potential. This ABC Awards-endorsed Level 5 diploma is aimed towards you — only if you want to be a great coach, mentor, manager, and above all a leader. Our Coaching & Mentoring Diploma is endorsed by the leading national awarding organisation Quality Licence Scheme (ABC Awards), for its high-quality and non-regulated provision and training programmes. The Coaching & Mentoring Diploma is also accredited by CPD, with 150 CPD points available to you as proof your achievement. This Coaching & Mentoring Diploma covers the core responsibilities, different effective methodologies, the mentor-mentee relationship, managerial & communicative skills, objective & processes of coaching and many more! Whether you are a business owner or have a team of any size to lead, our coaching & mentoring masterclass will be sufficient enough for a thorough training from scratch. Furthermore, this training course is also suitable for aspiring professionals to prepare themselves as an expert coach for hire. What Will I Learn from This Coaching & Mentoring Diploma: What it means to be a coach/mentor and the core responsibilities of these roles. How to set objectives in coaching & mentoring while overcoming any obstacle in the process. The guiding principles and ethical aspects while coaching or mentoring. Renowned coaching & mentoring models including the cyclical mentoring model, the double matrix mentoring model, the JOHARI window among others. How to create strong relationships and communicate in deep levels How to motivate, manage and lead a team/individual employee The functional skills associated with being an efficient coach/mentor How to enhance personal skills like emotional management, negotiation, assertiveness etc. Why People Enrol this Coaching & Mentoring Diploma From One Education: Receive an ABC Awards-endorsed certificate upon successful completion of the Coaching & Mentoring Diploma Learning materials of our Coaching & Mentoring Diploma contains engaging voiceover and visual elements for your comfort Get 24/7 access to all Coaching & Mentoring Diploma course content for a full year Complete the Coaching & Mentoring Diploma at your own pace Each of our students gets full tutor support on weekdays (Monday to Friday) Efficient assessments and instant results upon completion of our Coaching & Mentoring Diploma **** FREE GIFT **** Starting A Profitable Coaching Business course is included completely for FREE with this Coaching & Mentoring Diploma!

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Here at One Education, we put our heart and soul into every single course we design. We make sure that all our courses are designed and developed by industry experts. We aim always to provide value to our learners with quality courses.

Our learners are our top priority, and you as a learner will gain tremendous knowledge and skill on this topic from this Coaching & Mentoring Diploma.

The certification that you will receive upon completing this Coaching & Mentoring Diploma will help to boost your resume and will help you stand out among your peers in the competitive job market.

Our course will help you get employed in the relevant field and advance your career. Enjoy this expertly made course from One Education. Enrol now!

Course Curriculum

We’ve taken this comprehensive Coaching & Mentoring Diploma and broken it down into 08 manageable units which we believe will assist you to easily grasp each concept – from the fundamental to the most advanced aspects of this skills. It really is a sure pathway to success.

This Coaching & Mentoring Diploma is designed with the following modules:

Course Curriculum Of The Coaching & Mentoring Diploma

Coaching & Mentoring – Module 1:
Introduction to Coaching & Mentoring

  • What is Coaching?
  • The Five Principles of Coaching
  • Definition of a Coach
  • The Duties of a Coach
  • Characteristics of A Successful Coach
  • Coaching Traps and Problems
  • What is Mentoring?
  • Definition of Mentor and Mentee
  • Roles & Responsibilities of A Mentor

Coaching & Mentoring – Module 2:
Coaching & Mentoring: Objectives & Processes

  • Objectives of Coaching & Mentoring
  • Coaching & Mentoring Processes
  • The Differences Between Coaching & Mentoring
  • Barriers to Coaching & Mentoring
  • Techniques for Overcoming Barriers

Coaching & Mentoring – Module 3:
Ethical Aspects of Coaching & Mentoring

  • Association for Coaching’s Guiding Principles
  • ‘AC’ and ‘EMCC’s Code of Ethics
    • Terminology
    • Working with Clients
    • Professional Conduct
    • Excellent Practice
  • International Coach Federation(ICF) Standards of Ethical Conduct
    • Professional Conduct At Large
    • Professional Conduct with Clients
    • Confidentiality/Privacy
    • Conflicts of Interest

Coaching & Mentoring – Module 4:
Coaching & Mentoring Models

  • Coaching Models: An Introduction
  • The GROW Model
  • The OUTCOMES Model
  • The JOHARI Window
  • The FLOW Model
  • The SOS Model
  • The Cyclical Mentoring Model
  • The Double Matrix Mentoring Model

Coaching & Mentoring – Module 5:
Effective Communication Skills

  • Creating a Good Coaching & Mentoring Relationship
  • Using Appropriate Language
  • Listening at A Deep Level
  • Asking Effective Questions
  • Limiting Beliefs/Assumptions
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • Communicating Non-Verbally
  • Presence and Silence

Module 6: Personal Skills

  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Emotional Management and Happiness Maintenance
  • Assertiveness
  • Negotiation

Coaching & Mentoring – Module 7:
Management Skills

  • Motivating
  • Leading
  • Delegation
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Project Management

Coaching & Mentoring – Module 8:
Functional Skills

  • Sales Skills
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Production Management

How is the Coaching & Mentoring Diploma assessed?

To simplify the procedure of evaluation and accreditation for learners, we provide an automated assessment system. Upon completion of an online module of our Coaching & Mentoring Diploma, you will immediately be given access to a specifically crafted MCQ test. The results will be evaluated instantly, and the score displayed for your perusal. For each test, the pass mark will be set to 60%.

When all tests have been successfully passed, you will be able to claim a certificate endorsed by ABC Awards and Certa Awards. ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality License Scheme is a respected global brand name in the education sector.


Endorsed Certification from ABC Awards

After successfully completing the Coaching & Mentoring Diploma, learners will be able to order an endorsed certificate as proof of their new qualification. Endorsed certificates can be ordered and get delivered to your home by post for only £109. There is an additional £10 postage charge for international students.

CPD Certification from One Education

After successfully completing the MCQ assessment of this Coaching & Mentoring Diploma, you will qualify for the CPD Certificate from One Education, as proof of your continued professional development. Certification is available in PDF format, at the cost of £9, or a hard copy can be sent to you via post, at the cost of £15.