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Anti-Fraud & Money Laundering Prevention Diploma Online Training Course


Whether you own your own company, you work in the finance industry or you are in a management position, knowing and understanding fraud, how to identify it and the different fraudulent methods can reduce the risk of someone in the company costing your business millions in the long run. Our Fraud Awareness Diploma provides valuable insight into fraud and money laundering for you to take advantage of.

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Introduction to the Fraud Awareness Diploma

The Fraud Awareness Diploma is an information-packed course which is broken down into twenty-five manageable modules. Each module provides you with valuable insight, information and advice that you can use daily to reduce the risk of your company being a victim of fraud and money laundering.

This course is offered via distance learning with all modules accessible via the internet. You can use any device to gain access to the modules, whether you are at home using a laptop or on the tube using your phone, as long as you have internet access. You will be given lifetime access to the modules, so you can brush up on your knowledge at any time.

The diploma is industry recognised and you will be given the opportunity to download and print your certificate on successful completion and passing of the test. What you will learn The course is brimming with information that can help you identify money laundering and fraud on both a personal and business level.

The course will teach you the following: Learn the fundamentals of fraud. Identify what is internal and external fraud. Identify with the human element of fraud. This includes studies, reasoning, motivation and rationalisation. Understand what finance crime is, the types, most common forms of financial crime and more. Learn about fraud analysis along with five methods you can use. Get insight into the analytical process from risk areas to what to look for. Identify the various methodologies associated with the fraud.

Learn everything there is to know about identity theft. Learn how to prevent it and what to do if you find yourself a victim. Understand the correlations and trends relating to fraud from its correlation to gambling, money laundering, wealth and more.

Identify the five-step management process. Learn about bribery and corruption. Gain valuable insight into UK Bribery Law. Learn how to detect fraud, how to predict anomalies and events. Get insight into the various fraud solutions from knowing your employees to raising awareness and setting up reporting programs. Identify what action you should take when you suspect fraud.

Learn valuable information regarding bank fraud. Understand the investigative process. Learn the best fraud tools to use. Identify what money laundering is. Learn the various methods of money laundering. Learn about money laundering regulations, who you report to, identifying risks and so much more.

Get valuable insight into the Proceed of Crime and Terrorism Acts in the United Kingdom. Know what the HMT sanctions list is and how you can use it. Learn about record keeping and reporting.

Identify how to report to the NCA and how this differs from a police report. Get insight into staff training, internal reporting procedures, policies and more.

Course Content

Module 1: Fundamental Concepts

Module 2: The Human Element of Fraud

Module 3: Financial Crime

Module 4: Fraud Analysis

Module 5: The Analytical Process

Module 6: Methodologies

Module 7: Identity Theft

Module 8: Correlation, Trend Analysis

Module 9: The Fraud Management Process

Module 10: Bribery and Corruption

Module 11: Fraud Detection

Module 12: Fraud Solutions

Module 13: Taking Action

Module 14: Bank Fraud

Module 15: The Investigative Process

Module 16: New Fraud Tools

Module 17: What is Money Laundering?

Module 18: Methods of Money Laundering

Module 19: An Introduction to Money Laundering Regulations

Module 20: The Proceeds of Crime and Terrorism Acts

Module 21: The HMT Sanctions List and Client Identification

Module 22: The Financial Services and Markets Act

Module 23: Record Keeping and Training

Module 24: Disclosure to the NCA

Module 25: Internal Reporting / Staff Training

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