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IBT Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance


IBT Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance is targeted at learners who are seeking to acquire knowledge and skills required for pursuing a managerial level role in accounting and finance in modern business. Furthermore, this course facilitates the learning of diverse issues and practical aspects related to the financial and accounting management field. Besides, IBT Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance would help learners in comprehending the most recent trends in the field, along with the impact of the changing standards and regulations on the accounting profession. IBT Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance offers in-depth knowledge along with practical skills that would enable the learners in taking up senior management positions in accounting and finance. This Diploma would be useful to those who are willing to pursue a career in banking, financial management, professional accountancy, and so on. Besides, this qualification would qualify the individuals to work in finance or accounting positions in different types of organisations, whether the organisation is located abroad or in the UK.

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Accounting and finance


Institute of Business and Technology (IBT) is an awarding body which offers high-quality diploma and degree programs to students seeking vocational qualification. IBT ensures the quality of the programs by ensuring conformance to high standards in courses offered by the organisation. In addition, through regular monitoring and audit of accredited centres, IBT ensures legitimate and reliable functioning of the approved centres. Furthermore, IBT provides comprehensive support to the accredited centres for delivering the best possible service to learners.

IBT qualifications assist a learner in pursuing high-quality professional vocational education delivered in a flexible and customer-focused learning environment. All the qualifications offered by IBT are regularly updated to recognise and meet the changing needs of colleges, training providers, and employers. Moreover, the qualifications offered by IBT facilitate progression to higher education and career development opportunities.

Vison and Mission of IBT

The vision of IBT is to promote valuable, relevant and high-quality vocational qualifications that strive to meet the needs and demands of learners and employers. IBT takes a flexible and responsive approach to qualification development and supports the accredited centres to offer the very best service to the learners.