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QUALIFI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership


The Level 7 programme is intended for the learners to critically assess, challenge and create a broad variety of current management tools, strategies and models. The prominence put on current administration ideas and models is that they are applicable to the 21st-century business condition and settings which go beyond the routine inspection of Anglo American management models. The programme gives an exclusive opportunity for learners as it is not centred upon the Anglo-American models. Level 7 programme also finds importance for ensuring the ability to adapt management concepts, tools and techniques so as to align with the culture of the organisation and apply critical reflective thinking. The primary intention of the mandatory unit is to provide a holistic study of the main issues that are necessary for strategic decision-making, planning and enabling the organisation to meet its objectives. The optional unit provides the provision for learners to choose specialisation in their study to support specific career directions. The Finance for Managers unit is meant for learners who do not possess experience in the finance sector. Qualifi may add further Options to the qualification later subjected to market demand and feedback. Our Customers Our clients make us who we are. We feel so fortunate to have enrolled learners from several outstanding organisations. A few among our customers are listed below. Rail Delivery Group Bentley Motors Cabinet Office Government Digital Service NHS The Institution of Engineering and Technology Government of Jersey Sedgemoor District Council Liverpool Victoria General Insurance Heinken Globaltailer Vanderlande Chesterfield College

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Entry Criteria

The qualifications have been made available to all without any artificial barriers that deny the access and progression. The primary requirement is to get through the interview and they are expected to hold the following.

Level 6 Qualification or; First Degree.

We also accommodate managers with significant years of experience even though they do not possess formal qualifications. The criteria for admission will be through interview for those who are able to demonstrate the skills to cope with the demands of the course.

Unit Title

Manage Team Performance to Support Strategy

Information Management and Strategic Decision Taking

Leading a Strategic Management Project

Strategic Direction

Strategic Planning

Development as a Strategic Manager

Strategic Marketing

Organisational Change Strategies

Why Choose QUALIFI Qualifications?

This suite of qualification provides enormous opportunities to learners who are looking for career and professional development.

The highlighting factor of this qualification is that:

    • The learners attain career path support who wishes to pursue their career in their denominated sectors;
    • It helps in providing a deep understanding about the health and social care sector, and to manage the organisations; which will in-turn help in enhancing the learner’s insight to their chosen sector.

The Qualification provides a real combination of disciplines and skills development opportunities. The Learners attains in-depth awareness concerning the functioning, aims and processes of the organisation. They can also explore the way to respond positively to this challenging and complex health and social care environment.

The learners will be introduced in managing the wide range of health and social care functions using theory, practice sessions and models that provide the valuable knowledge. As a part of this suite of qualifications, the learners will be able to explore and attain hands-on training and experience in this field. Learners also attain the ability to face and solve issues then and there by the exposure to all the Units. The qualification will also help to

  • Apply scientific and evaluative methods and to develop those skills.
  • Find out threats and opportunities.
  • Develop knowledge in managerial, organisational and environmental issues.
  • Develop and empower critical thinking and innovativeness to handle issues and difficulties.
  • Practice judgement, own and take responsibility for decisions and actions; and .
  • Develop the capacity to perceive and reflect on individual learning and improving their own, social and other transferable aptitudes and skills.