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Safeguarding Officer Training Level 3


Every organisation has a set of rules or policies that every member should follow. And to ensure that every single activity is conducted accordingly, the authority put a Safeguarding officer-in-charge . Preferably every organisation must have at least one officer in the safeguarding profession. He is the designated individual who is responsible for securing a company’s safeguarding policy under all circumstances. Our Safeguarding Officer Training Level 3, is designed to equip you with the knowledge you already obtained from introductory or advanced levels safeguarding courses. By putting light on the importance of having a Safeguarding Officer, our Safeguarding Officer Training Level 3 course aims to teach you the roles as a professional and all the relevant legislation in place. Also, this course helps the learner to learn about the legislation related to the safeguarding of children. Overall, the Safeguarding Officer Training course provides you with the knowledge of early risk assessment, company policy management, recognising abuse of children, and record-keeping systems. Free E-certificate (No additional cost for E-certificates) Free Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guide Course Highlights of the Safeguarding Officer Training Level 3 Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the safeguarding officer Know how to record information for the referral process Know law, guidance notes, and official policies Find out more about safeguarding construction to increase one’s confidence in children’s needs Relate to children’s different levels of need under the safeguarding structure Identify when to share information on what action to take if anyone disagrees with the decisions made. Skills You Will Master From Safeguarding Officer Training Understanding of safeguarding policies Avoiding any risks in your working sector Why choose Skill Express? Lifetime Access Quality course developed by qualified professionals out of high quality and updated resources Easily demonstrated and interactive lessons almost diminish the gap between virtual and physical training We provide A well-recognised Free PDF certificate 100 per cent online self-paced courses with 24/7 tutor/customer support Study in a user-friendly, advanced online learning platform Quickly adaptable and always available courses designed to learn in any device

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Course Curriculum

We have divided the Safeguarding Officer Training Course into Seven user-friendly modules.

Module 01: Introduction to Safeguarding

  • What is safeguarding
  • Importance of safeguarding training
  • Who has the Responsibility?
  • The Designated Safeguarding Officer

Module 02: Safeguarding Structure and Guidance

  • The Children Act 1989
  • The Education Act 2002
  • Every child matters 2004
  • The childcare act 2006
  • Working together to safeguard children
  • The single assessment process
  • Low-level needs
  • Emerging needs
  • Complex needs
  • Child protection concerns
  • Local Safeguarding Children Partnership
  • Threshold Guidance

Module 03: The Role of Social Care and Designated Safeguarding Officer

  • The Role of Social Care
  • Designated Safeguarding Officer- Beginner
  • Role of Designated Safeguarding Officer
  • Scenario Exercise and Pitfalls that Occurred

Module 04: Recognising and Responding to Abuse

  • Recognising Abuse
  • Recognising Abuse- Physical
  • Recognising Abuse- Emotional
  • Recognising Abuse- Sexual
  • Recognising Abuse- Neglect
  • Effects Of Child Abuse And Neglect
  • Why Do Children Not Give Any Information?
  • Children’s Responses To Abuse
  • Child’s Response To Traumatic Abuse
  • Behavioural Consequence Of Child Abuse
  • Disclosure From A Child- How To Respond
  • Recording Information
  • Why Adults Don’t Take Action

Module 05: Responses Under the Safeguarding Structure

  • What Response is Needed?
  • The Key Points to Consider
  • Early Help Assessment
  • Who Would Get Benefit From the Early Help Assessment
  • Children in Need
  • Who are Children in Need?
  • Significant Harm
  • Indicators of Significant Harm
  • Factors Which Influence the Response
  • Accessing Further Guidance and Advice
  • Contacting Social Care
  • What Happens Next?

Module 06: Working Together and Sharing Information

  • Resolving Disagreement
  • Key points in Resolving Disagreement
  • What to Do if You Disagree With a Decision
  • Information Sharing
  • Information Sharing Principles
  • Why Professionals Do Not Want to Share Information

Module 07: Recording Information

  • What to Record
  • When the Information Should Be Recorded
  • Storing the Information
  • Recording Tips
  • Serious Case Reviews
  • Serious Case Review Example- Peter Connolly
  • Pitfalls of Peter Connolly Case
  • Continuous Involvement of Safeguard Officers
  • Shared Responsibility


After completing the course successfully, you will be required to pass an automated, multiple-choice questions test which will give you the instant result once you finish the exam. And you can get all of these in a one-time payment!


After completing the course successfully, the learner will immediately receive an E-Certificate which will be completely free of cost. Also, you can have your printed certificate delivered by post. Although there is no expiry date on the certificate, we do recommend our learners to renew the certificate every twelve months.