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Access VBA Intermediate – Power Search And Word Or Excel Export


This course includes lifetime access so you can complete the course at your own speed. This Microsoft Access VBA course will show you a different approach to take with menu buttons and how you can set up the “Power Search” for any table. By taking this course today, you will learn the workings of a finished database, how to create merged letters in Word with the search results, and how to create a new Excel sheet. Benefits of taking this course include: Unlimited and lifetime access to the course Learn the course at your own pace Course can be accessed on any platform 24/7 Customer support

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Take your basic knowledge of Access VBA to an entirely new level!

Once you have been exposed to Access VBA a logical next question is “What could I create with VBA?”. This course will give you an answer to that question by providing you with a finished system that you can start using right away. Rather than lead you through building parts of databases, this course examines the workings of this finished database that I have used in my consulting business for years.

Inside the course, I will show you a different approach to take with menu buttons and how you can setup the “Power Search” for any table in just a matter of minutes! You will also learn how to, with one click, create merge letters in Word with the search results or how to create and title a new Excel sheet.

Follow along as the instructor takes you step by step through the inner workings of this simple to understand, yet very powerful platform that is very understandable to any prospective client, whether they are computer savvy or not.

The Access VBA Intermediate – Power Search And Word Or Excel Export course will cover the following topics:

Topic 1 – Introduction And Feature Demonstration Of The Access Prototype Database

  • Download The PowerSearch Database
  • What This System Is
  • QUICK DEMO Of Basic Functions
  • Using The Comma In Search For A Range Of Values
  • QUICK DEMO Of Using Prototype Form
  • Rules For Using The Prototype Form
  • The Form Control Table
  • Using The Prototype List Form
  • Using The Prototype Listing Report

Topic 2 – How The Function Key Menus Work

  • Why Use These Function Key Menus?
  • How Are The Buttons Built?
  • What Does The Menu VBA Code Look Like?
  • The FormMenu Function And ModeSub Subroutine

Topic 3 – How The Basic Menu Functions Work And Access VBA Code

  • Examine Code Behind The ADD Selection
  • Examine Code Behind MyYesNoBox
  • Heads Up On A BUG – See If You Can Find It!
  • Examine Code Behind The LIST FORM Selection
  • Coming Back From The List Form To The Full Form
  • Explanation Of The Bug And Prep The Full Form To Send Multiple Open Arguments
  • Modification Of The List Form To Receive Multiple Open Arguments
  • Make The Same Changes For Going From The List Form To The Full Form
  • Examine Code Behind The SORT Selection
  • Examine Code Behind The SALES PERSON Selection
  • How The NOTES Box Works

Topic 4 – Working With WORD 1 – Instant Letter Or Envelope With Access VBA

  • Instant Letter Code 1
  • Explore References
  • Instant Letter Code 2 – Examine The PrepInstant Function
  • Instant Letter Code 3 – Opening Word And Setup Document
  • Find Command Syntax By Creating Macros In Word
  • Instant Letter Code 4 – Create The Letter And Leave Word Open
  • Examine The Instant Envelope Function

Topic 5 – How SEARCH Works – Examining The Access VBA Code

  • Tracing The Steps To Setup Criteria Mode
  • Creating The Search Table If It Is Not There
  • The Idea Behind The Search Table
  • Finish Inspecting The SetupSearch Subroutine
  • Revisit Criteria Mode And Test Search
  • Inspect The Code Behind FinishSearch
  • Processing Search 1 – Examine The ProcessSearch Function
  • Processing Search 2 – Using Collections For Field Names, Types And Values
  • Processing Search 3 – Overview Of The CheckFilters Subroutine
  • Processing Search 4 – Processing A Search Value
  • Processing Search 5 – Testing For Wildcards And BLANK Or NOT BLANK
  • Processing Search 6 – Review Of InStr And Mid Functions
  • Processing Search 7 – Examine The Comma Criteria For Range Of Values
  • Processing Search 8 – Examine The SemiColon Criteria For Multiple Values
  • Processing Search 9 – Processing Literal Values And NOT
  • Processing Search 10 – Why Separate Sections For Numbers, Text And Dates?

Topic 6 – Working With EXCEL – Export To Excel And Modify Spreadsheets Using Access VBA

  • Examine The Send Search To Excel Function
  • Manipulate Excel With VBA

Topic 7 – Working With WORD 2 – Creating Merge Letters And Envelopes With Access VBA

  • Examine The Code Behind Merge Letters
  • Examine The Merge Engine Function
  • Examine Merge Envelope

Topic 8 – The Access VBA Code Behind The Prototype Forms And Report

  • How Can Prototype Work For All Forms?
  • What Happens On Form Open?
  • The VBA Code Behind The SetupFormTbl Function
  • Review Of Open And SetupFormTbl In The List Form
  • Review Of The Code Behind The Prototype Listing Report

Topic 9 – Conclusion