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Get Certified From Scratch With ITIL 4 Foundation


This course includes lifetime access so you can complete it at your own speed. This course is designed for those interested to learn the foundations of ITIL 4 together with service management concepts, its guiding principles, and ITIL 4’s potential for businesses. Benefits of taking this course include: Unlimited and lifetime access to the course Learn the course at your own pace Course can be accessed on any platform 24/7 Customer support

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Hi and welcome to the right place to learn ITIL 4 Foundation from scratch throughout being certified. This course covers all the required topics to prepare for the ITIL 4 Foundation exam. Also, it will give some tips and possible questions while describing the concepts.

ITIL® 4 was released by Axelos on 11th February 2019 and is the latest version of ITIL. ITIL 4 Foundation is one of the most in-demand certificates globally that several organizations consider as one of the requirements when applying for jobs or promotions. It focuses on the service value and how to create, operate, manage, and get the maximum benefits out of utilizing IT services. Therefore, ITIL certificates are considered under the IT Service Management (ITSM) umbrella.

ITIL 4 Foundation is not only required for IT specialists, but also for most people who are dealing with IT services. Thus, it is one of the recommended certificates to have for business owners, managers, and business operators who are dealing with the IT services. This course will take you step by step to be ready for the ITIL 4 Foundation exam. It covers at least 95 percent of the exam content. Why not 100 percent? Because you could see some case studies in the exam, as we will see later throughout the course.

What you’ll learn:

  • Its potential for business
  • Service management concepts
  • ITIL guiding principles
  • Dimensions of service management

Get Certified From Scratch With ITIL 4 Foundationwill cover the following topics:

Section 1 – Introduction

  • What Is ITIL
  • From ITIL V.3 To ITIL V.4
  • ITIL Certification Paths

Section 2 – The Potential Of ITIL v.4 To The Business

  • Organizations And Service Management
  • The ITIL Service Value System Or SVS
  • The Four Dimensions Of Service Management

Section 3 – The Four Main Dimensions Of Service Management

  • The Organizations And People Dimension
  • The Information And Technology Dimension
  • Information Management Considerations
  • The Partners And Suppliers Dimension
  • The Value Stream And Processes Dimension

Section 4 – Service Management Concepts

  • Providers And Consumers Co-Create Value
  • Service Relationships
  • Understanding Service, Value, Outcomes, Costs, And Risks
  • Diving Into More Service Concepts

Section 5 – The Service Value Chain

  • The Service Value Chain
  • The Activities Of The ITIL Service Value Chain

Section 6 – Seven ITIL Guiding Principles

  • The Seven ITIL Guiding Principles
  • The Seven ITIL Guiding Principles
  • The Start Where You Are Principle
  • The Progress Iteratively With Feedback Principle
  • The Collaborate And Promote Visibility Principle
  • The Think And Work Holistically Principle
  • The Keep It Simple And Practical Principle
  • The Optimize And Automate Principle

Section 7 – Introducing The ITIL Practices

  • Introduction To The ITIL Practices
  • Continual Improvement 1
  • Continual Improvement 2
  • Other Four ITIL Practices
  • Incident Management
  • Four More ITIL Practices
  • Two Other ITIL Practices
  • The Last Three ITIL Practices

Section 8 – Final Talk

  • The Form Of The Exam
  • Where Can I Do The Exam And How Much Does It Cost?