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How To Create Amazon Kindle Ebooks


In this course, you will learn to create an Amazon Kindle ebook publishing business, where you outsource all of the book writing to experts inexpensively and collect all of the passive income from the books, every month for years to come, how to use writing companies or freelancers to write 10 quality Kindle ebooks per week for you and how to know what topics to create books on and so much more. By taking this course now, you will have the knowledge on how to create eBooks on autopilot for Amazon Kindle. Benefits of taking this course include: Unlimited and lifetime access to the course Learn the course at your own pace Course can be accessed on any platform 24/7 Customer support

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MY KINDLE BOOK AUTOMATION SYSTEM is the ultimate way of building a highly profitable online publishing business in a few weeks. With this system, you won’t be writing any of the books yourself. I will show you step-by-step, how to research profitable topics and find professional writers to write the books for you in 2 weeks. I will show you how to publish the books as a kindle-, paperback- and audio book to Amazon’s millions of avid readers.

Most books will pay themselves back in 1-3 months, and after that, the books will just sit there and earn you passive income every month, for years to come.

In fact, as time goes, your books will increase in value as they get more and more reviews and therefore more sales.

And once you have gone through the process, I will show you how to automate the business 100%, so all you have to do is find a book topic for the next book. The rest: writing the book, formatting, cover design, uploading, writing copy, getting reviews etc. will be done for you 100%.

This business model is great if you are looking for a hands-off business that will grow it self, while you only oversee it from time to time. It’s awesome if you want to pursue other interests, hobbies or business models.

How To Create Amazon Kindle Ebooks course will cover the following topics:

Topic 1 – Introduction

Topic 2 – How To Create Your First Books

  • How Many Books Should You Create The First Time?
  • Brainstorming Topics
  • How To Use The Brainstorming Template
  • How To Evaluate Topics For Profitability
  • How To Create A Book Title That Will Sell
  • How To Choose A Pen Name
  • How To Get The Books Written For You Inexpensively
  • How To Design A Cover For The Books Or Get Others To Do It For You Cheap

Topic 3 – How To Prepare For The Book Launch

  • How To Create An Amazon KDP Kindle Account
  • How To Format The Books
  • How To Write A Good Sales Description
  • How To Upload Books And Set Correct Settings

Topic 4 – How To Launch The Books

  • How To Price Your Books
  • What It Takes To Rank Page #1
  • How To Get Reviews
  • How To Get Reviews Action Plan
  • How To Run A KDP Promotion
  • How To Deal With Negative Reviews

Topic 5 – How To Scale And Automate Your Publishing Business

  • How To Make More By Publishing Your Books In Paperback With No Up Front Cost
  • How To Optimize The Books For Additional Revenue & Reviews With Lead Magnets
  • How To Turn Your Books Into An Audiobook For Free
  • How To Triple Revenue From Your Bestselling Books
  • How To Use Virtual Assistants To Automate The Business 100%