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This course will provide you with a step by step process to open up a new sales channel for your private label products using Shopify. By taking this course today, you will be able to learn how to diversify your income by building your own e-commerce store with Shopify, create targeted paid ad campaigns and promotions to market your Shopify store & products, how to set up a Shopify store and add your private label products and be able to learn how to build a Shopify store from scratch and launch an e-commerce business Benefits of taking this course include: Unlimited and lifetime access to the course Learn the course at your own pace Course can be accessed on any platform 24/7 Customer support

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Learn how to easily setup and build your Shopify store in order to sell private label products using Amazon FBA. As every online seller knows, it’s very important to diversify your income. The course will provide you with a step by step process to open up a new sales channel for your private label products using Shopify.

Once you enroll in the course, we are going to start with a brief overview of the Shopify platform and how it works. Next, we will go over the various account plans you can select to create your Shopify account. Once your account is setup, we can then start building your store by selecting a theme and adding branding and customization. We will then go over the steps to add your private label products to Shopify, how to fulfill customer orders, and how to market your products using paid ads and content marketing!

How is This Course Different?
You will follow me as I go through EACH step to create a Shopify store to sell my Private Label Product. I will show you how to use Amazon FBA to store your inventory, fulfill customer orders and how to market your store & products using paid ads and content marketing. You get all the advantages of the Amazon FBA shipping and storage services, plus all of the advantages of having a Shopify store!

Shopify provides you with many advantages, including being able to collect customer email addresses for marketing campaigns, track your visitors with tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, and the ability to diversify your income by opening another sales channel for your product.

Time to Take Action!
E-commerce is rapidly growing worldwide, and will soon account for over 60% of retail sales. Learning how to build your online store can give you invaluable knowledge that can help you generate income for years to come!

There are various e-commerce business models you can run with Shopify, such as private label or dropshipping. If you already sell Private Label products on Amazon, you can also build a Shopify store to open up another sales channel and have less dependence on Amazon.

This Shopify Course will cover the following topics:

Topic 1 – Introduction To Shopify

  • Shopify For Private Label | Course Agenda Overview
  • Course Introduction | Shopify

Topic 2 – Create Your Shopify Account

  • Shopify Account | Section Overview
  • Selecting Your Shopify Plan
  • Navigating The Shopify Dashboard

Topic 3 – Build Your Shopify Store | Select A Theme

  • Shopify Theme Setup | Section Overview
  • Browse And Select Your Theme | Shopify Theme Store
  • Design Your Shopify Store | Setup Your Theme
  • Domain Name For Your Shopfiy Store | Custom Site URL

Topic 4 – Inventory For Your Shopify Store | Private Label With Amazon FBA

  • Getting Inventory For Your Shopify Shore | Section Overview
  • Amazon Seller Account | Individual Or Professional
  • Get Your Inventory | Manufacturers On Alibaba
  • Get Your Inventory | Suppliers On AliExpress
  • Add Your Product To The Amazon Catalog
  • Prepare And Send Inventory To Amazon FBA Warehouse

Topic 5 – Add Products To Your Shopify Store

  • Add Products To Shopify | Section Overview
  • Add Products To Your Shopify Store
  • Create Product Collection And Add To Your Store Theme
  • Additional Store General Settings | Shopify

Topic 6 – Tracking Analytics And Traffic On Your Shopify Store

  • Analytics And Traffic Section Overview
  • How To Create A Google Analytics Code And Add It To Your Shopify Store
  • Install The Facebook Pixel To Your Shopify Store

Topic 7 – Additional Settings And Features For Your Shopify Store

  • Additional Settings And Features | Section Overview
  • Start Your Shopify Blog | Increase SEO And Search Engine Rankings
  • How To Create Custom Pages | Shopify
  • Shopify App Store | Upgrade Your Business
  • Download And Review The Shopify Mobile App
  • Manage Your Product Inventory | Amazon Seller App

Topic 8 – Fulfilling Your Orders | Customer Experience

  • Fulfilling Customer Orders | Section Overview
  • Activate Amazon FBA On Your Shopify Store
  • Payment Processing | Shopify Store
  • Purchasing From Your Shopify Store | Checkout Process
  • Manually Fulfilling Customer Orders With Amazon FBA
  • Add Tracking To Customer Orders | Order Fulfillment
  • Product Arrival | Unboxing Video
  • Shopify Reports | Analyze Your Traffic And Sales

Topic 9 – Marketing, Promoting And Advertising Your Products | Shopify Store

  • Marketing And Promoting | Section Overview
  • Facebook Shop Setup | Sync Your Products
  • Activate Your Facebook Button | Call-to-action
  • Promote Your Facebook Call-to-action Button
  • Facebook Ads And Promotions | Facebook Pixel
  • Create Google Ad Campaigns For Your Products | Google Analytics
  • Add Buy Buttons To Your Shopify Blog Or Page
  • Content Marketing Strategies | Evergreen Traffic To Your Shopify Store
  • Email Marketing | How To Create An Email List With MailChimp