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Surf Bank Feeds With Wave Accounting For 2021 And Beyond


This course includes lifetime access so you can complete it at your own speed. This course is designed for those interested to learn the basics of accounting using the Wave software to get right down to data input as fast as possible, and to focus specifically on bank feeds. Benefits of taking this course include: Unlimited and lifetime access to the course Learn the course at your own pace Course can be accessed on any platform 24/7 Customer support

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Many accounting software courses will spend a lot of time talking about how a full-service accounting system works. We do recommend spending time learning the full accounting process, and we do have courses that do just that. However, many small businesses want to get right down to data input as fast as possible, and others already have a good understanding of the system and want to focus specifically on bank feeds.

For example, some small businesses may be perfectly happy using a cash basis system and will, therefore, not need some of the functions used in a full accounting cycle. Businesses that use a cash basis model can structure their data input to be much more heavily dependent on the bank and bank feed data.

We will discuss types of businesses that fit well into a cash basis model as we work through the practice problems. We will also discuss some problem areas many businesses have and how to set up a system that works for them.

This course will use Wave, a free accounting software, which is an excellent tool to practice with. We will jump right into bank feeds and how to use them. We will work through a practice problem and will provide test data that learners can use in their system to follow along if they choose.

Who this course is for:

  • Business owners who want an easy system to track data
  • Bookkeepers who want to understand how bank feeds work
  • Students who want to apply theory to practical accounting software

Surf Bank Feeds With Wave Accounting For 2021 And Beyondwill cover the following topics:

Section 1 – Introduction

  • Wave Free Accounting
  • Download Data Files
  • How Do Bank Feeds Fit Into My Accounting System
  • Project Outline

Section 2 – Month One – Set Up Bank Feeds

  • Set Up Bank Feeds
  • Download Transactions From Bank

Section 3 – Month One – Add Transactions From Bank Feeds

  • Add Expense Transactions
  • Add Capital Expenditures
  • Add Inventory Purchases
  • Add Amount Paid For Investment
  • Add Owner Withdraws
  • 1 Customer Deposit
  • Sales Tax Calculation
  • 1 Deposit Loan
  • 2 Deposit Owner

Section 4 – Month One – Bank Reconciliation

  • Bank Beginning Balance
  • Bank Reconciliation

Section 5 – Month Two – Upload Bank Transactions

  • Upload Bank Transactions

Section 6 – Month Two – Add Transaction From Bank Feeds

  • 2 Add Expenses
  • Add Insurance
  • Add Payroll Checks
  • 1 Add Inventory
  • 2 Add Loan Payment
  • Add Draw
  • 1 Receive Payments On Invoice
  • 2 One Deposit Two Invoices
  • Sales Receipt And Bank Feeds

Section 7 – Month Two – Bank Reconciliation

  • Bank Reconciliation

Section 8 – Credit Card Bank Feeds

  • Credit Card Bank Feeds Upload
  • 1 Add Credit Card Bank Feed Data
  • Reconcile Credit Card