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Accounting and Finance – 5 Courses Bundle + FREE Tax Accounting Course Become an accounting and finance expert with our Accounting and Finance Bundle . Get familiar with the fundamentals of accounting, knowing the different accounting facts, their classification, accounts, balance sheets, the process of regularisation, closure and get finance certifications online . This Accounting and Finance bundle consists the following courses: Course 1: Accounting and Finance Certification Course Course 2: Xero Accounting Diploma Course 3: Online Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Course Course 4: Stock Market Investing Course 5: Cryptocurrency Trading and ICO Investment Diploma FREE Additional Course: Tax Accounting Get a Tax Accounting course FREE with the purchase of Accounting and Finance – 5 Courses Bundle. This Exclusive Tax Accounting course will teach you about Tax System and Administration in the UK, Tax on Individuals, National Insurance, Submitting a Self-Assessment Tax Return, Fundamental of Income Tax, Advanced Income Tax, Payee, Payroll and Wages, Value Added Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gain Tax, Inheritance Tax and much more. Why Accounting and Finance Bundle Course? Excel your skills to the next level with our all-in-one Accounting and Finance bundle. We are offering a huge range of accredited bundled Accounting and Finance courses at a reduced price. These Accounting and Finance courses are arranged to – Provide you with the foundation and equip you with the necessary skills to apply them in the real world. Help stimulate your skill set to prepare you to succeed in your venture. Be incredible for any learner looking to achieve and utilize valuable specialized skills and knowledge, enabling you to dominate in progress and growth. Save huge off from the regular price and get the best value for money! This Accounting and Finance Bundle consists of Xero accounting Diploma , Stock Market Investing , Cryptocurrency trading and ICO Investment and Online Bookkeeping and QuickBooks course. Completing the Accounting and Finance Bundle will help you learn what the elementary concepts of these fields are including stock market analysis techniques and online cryptocurrency trading. The Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Course will help you manage and handle your business’s accounts easily without the help of an accountant. In short, by completing the Accounting and Finance Bundle , you will get a vivid idea on the bases and details of the areas of action on which accounting, finance, investment and trading must be based. You will also learn the complete process and be able to influence or act with knowledge in each of the actions to be carried out.

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***Accounting and Finance Bundle Course Curriculum***

**Accounting and Finance Certification Course**

Accounting and Finance Certification Course is designed to teach you the basics and fundamental areas of finance and accounting to tactfully handle the accounts of your business.

Module : 01

  • Introduction
  • First Transactions
  • T Accounts introduction
  • T-Accounts conclusion
  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement

Module : 02

  • Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet Variations
  • Accounts in practice
  • Balance Sheets what are they
  • Balance Sheet Level 2
  • Income Statement Introduction
  • Are they Expenses, or Assets
  • Accounting Jargon

Module : 03

  • Accruals Accounting is Fundamental
  • Trial Balance 3 days ago More
  • Fixed Assets and how it is shown in the Income Statement
  • Stock movements and how this affects the financials
  • Accounts Receivable
  • How to calculate the Return on Capital Employed
  • Transfer Pricing – International Rules

**Xero Accounting Diploma**

This Xero Accounting Diploma is intended to teach you all the essential skills to operate Xero Accounting Software at a professional level.

  • Getting Prepared – Access the software and course materials
  • Getting started
  • Setting up the system
  • Nominal ledger
  • Customers & Suppliers
  • Sales ledger
  • Suppliers
  • Purchases ledger
  • Sundry payments
  • Sundry payments
  • Petty Cash
  • Bad Debt
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll / Wages
  • VAT – Value Added Tax
  • Reports
  • Payroll unit
  • Conclude

**Online Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Course**

The Accounting and Finance Certification Course is designed to teach you the basics and advanced features of Quickbook Online to use it at a professional level.

  • Getting prepared – access the software and course materials
  • Getting started
  • Setting up the system
  • Nominal ledger
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Sales ledger
  • Purchases ledger
  • Sundry payments
  • Sundry receipts
  • Petty cash
  • VAT – Value Added Tax
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Payroll / Wages
  • Reports
  • Tasks
  • Additional Resources

**Stock Market Investing**

Stock Market Investing course will provide you with the basics of investing in the stock market, Showing the different aspects of investment and strategies used in stock investment.

  • Section 01 – Introduction to Investing in the Stock Market
  • Section 02 – Thinking Long Term
  • Section 03 – Investing in Stocks to Maximize Return

**Cryptocurrency Trading and ICO Investment Diploma**

This Cryptocurrency Trading and ICO Investment Diploma Online Course is intended to teach you everything about Bitcoin and ICO Investment which will make you able to work at a technical level.

  • Introduction
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)
  • The Process of Doing an ICO
  • Investing in ICOs
  • Next Steps

*** FREE Course ***

**Tax Accounting**

Module 01: Tax System and Administration in the UK

  • What is Tax?
  • Origin & History of Taxation
  • The Economic Function of Taxation
  • The Social Justice Purpose of Taxation
  • Different Types of Taxes
  • Principal Sources of Revenue Law and Practice
  • HMRC and Its Function
  • Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion

Module 02: Tax on Individuals

  • Individual Taxes in the United Kingdom
  • Personal income tax rates
  • The remittance basis of taxation
  • Taxation of children
  • Your Rights and Obligations as an Employee and as a Self-Employed Individual

Module 03: National Insurance

  • Overview
  • National Insurance Classes
  • The Amount of National Insurance Payment
  • Importance of National Insurance
  • Tax Codes, Rates and Allowances
  • Topics moved to the next module

Module 04: How to Submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return

  • Overview
  • Who must Send a Tax Return
  • Registering and Sending a Return
  • Deadlines
  • Penalties
  • Changing a Tax Return
  • Returns for Someone Who has Died

Module 05: Fundamental of Income Tax

  • Overview of Income Tax
  • The Taxable Income Statement
  • Personal Allowances
  • Computation of Income Tax Liability
  • Computation of Income Tax Payable

Module 06: Advanced Income Tax

  • Property Income Tax
  • Employment Income Tax
  • Trading Income Tax
  • Gift Aid Donations Paid by Individuals
  • Tax Planning for Married Couples

Module 07: Payee, Payroll and Wages

  • What is the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) System
  • Use of Tax Codes to Deduct Tax Under PAYE
  • Emergency Tax Codes
  • Notice of Coding
  • Paying HMRC Debts with PAYE
  • Your Responsibilities while running a Payroll
  • What is the PAYE Settlement Agreement

Module 08: Value Added Tax

  • Introduction to Value Added Tax
  • VAT Registration
  • Accounting for VAT
  • Schemes for Small Businesses
  • Import and Exports
  • VAT Penalties

Module 09: Corporation Tax

  • Introduction to Corporation Tax
  • The Statement of Taxable Total Profits
  • The Corporation Tax Liability

Module 10: Capital Gain Tax

  • Introduction of the Taxation of Chargeable Gains of An Individual
  • Computing Gains and Losses
  • Transfers Between Spouses
  • Part Disposals
  • Wasting Assets and Chattels
  • Insurance and Compensation

Module 11: Inheritance Tax

  • Introduction to Inheritance Tax
  • Lifetime Gifts
  • The Calculation of Lifetime Tax on Chargeable Lifetime Transfers (CLTs)
  • The Calculation of Death Tax on Lifetime Gifts
  • Inheritance Tax on the Death of An Individual
  • The Valuation of a Deceased Individual’s Estate
  • The Calculation of IHT on a Deceased Individual’s Estate

Module 12: Import and Export

  • Introduction
  • Goods from EU countries
  • Goods from Non-EU Countries
  • Services Received from Overseas Suppliers
  • Claiming Relief on Re-Import Exported Goods
  • New Vehicles, Boats and Aircraft
  • Arrangements to Defer or Suspend the Payment

Module 13: Double Entry Accounting

  • Basic Terminology
  • Debits and Credits
  • Double-Entry System
  • The Fundamental Accounting Equation and Its Role in Accounting

Module 14: Management Accounting and Financial Analysis

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Statement of Owner’s Equity

Module 15: Career as a Tax Accountant in the UK

  • Responsibilities
  • Salary
  • Working Hours
  • What to Expect
  • Qualifications
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Advertisement
  • Employers
  • Career Prospects


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