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Corporate Finance: Coping with Financial Downturn


Corporate Finance: Coping with the Financial Downturn is the ultimate course for you to handle any internal or external financial crisis in your organisation. Learn how to plan for long-term success in an economic downturn, set up the priorities and negate, use your workforce efficiently with minimal labour cost. Improve profitability now with proper guidance and knowledge on how to cut cost and handle the challenges when a company faces a financial downturn. This Corporate Finance: Coping with the Financial Downturn has been specially designed to help learners gain a good command of Corporate Finance: Coping with the Financial Downturn , providing them with a solid foundation of knowledge to become a qualified professional. Identify the causes more efficiently and eliminate non-essential costs. Monitor your business cash flow with the help of the experts! It will be easier for you to stand up from a crisis with proper guidance. Through this Corporate Finance: Coping with the Financial Downturn course, you will gain both practical and theoretical understanding of Corporate Finance: Coping with the Financial Downturn that will increase your employability in this field, help you stand out from the competition, give confidence and boost your earning potential in no time. Gain the skills and credentials to maintain a successful career and learn how to deal with the financial challenges from the experts with this step-by-step training course. Reduce your hassle, start this self-paced course now so that you do not suffocate in any crisis situation in the coming time! Learning Benefits of Corporate Finance: Coping with Financial Downturn: After completion of this course, you’ll be able to Know what corporate finance is Know important activities that govern corporate finance Know the importance of the financial manager Understand what is financial planning Learn about financial planning model Understand external financing and growth Understand financial statement analysis Learn in detail about income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and rates of return Learn more about investment decisions and owners’ wealth Understand the capital budgeting process, capital budgeting techniques and capital investment decisions Learn project analysis and evaluation Know what is financial risk-return trade-off and the financial risks for corporate businesses Know the tools to control financial risk Know the importance of a company’s capital structure in corporate finance Learn long term financial planning and growth Learn the basic ways to profit during the financial downturn Analyse the financial statement Know capital budgeting Learn about profitability during a financial downturn Manage profitability in a financial downturn Know about corporate finance regulations Learn about different career paths in corporate finance and more

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****Course Curriculum ****

***Corporate Finance: Coping with Financial Downturn***

Module 1. Introduction to Corporate Finance

  • What is Corporate Finance?
  • Important Activities that Govern Corporate Finance
  • Investments & Capital Budgeting
  • Capital Financing
  • Dividends and Return of Capital
  • The Importance of the Financial Manager
  • Importance of Company’s Capital Structure in Corporate Finance

Module 2. Long Term Financial Planning and Growth

  • What is Financial Planning?
  • Growth as a Financial Management Goal
  • Dimensions of Financial Planning
  • What Can Planning Accomplish?
  • Financial Planning Model
  • External Financing and Growth
  • EFN and Growth
  • Financial Policy and Growth

Module 3. Analysis of the Financial Statement

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow
  • Rates of Return.

Module 4. Capital Budgeting

  • Investment Decisions and Owners’ Wealth
  • Capital Budgeting Process
  • Capital Budgeting Techniques
  • Capital Investment Decisions
  • Project Analysis and Evaluation

Module 5. Financial Risk-Return Tradeoff

  • What is a Risk-Return Tradeoff?
  • Financial Risk
  • Financial Risks for Corporate Businesses
  • Tools to Control Financial Risk
  • Pros and Cons of Financial Risk

Module 6. Profitability During Financial Downturn

  • How to Prepare your Finances for a Downturn?
  • Basic Ways to Profit During the Financial Downturn
  • Lower Your Costs
  • Own Instead of Rent
  • Bargain Shop
  • Add to Your Portfolio

Module 7. Managing Profitability in Financial Downturn

  • Managing Finances in an Economic Downturn
  • Monitoring the Business
  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Stock Management
  • Pricing Products and Services
  • Financial Security for the Business
  • A Path to Long-Term Success

Module 8. Corporate Finance Regulations

  • The Regulatory Framework
  • Collective Investments
  • Regulation and Risk
  • Prudential regulation

Module 9. Career Path in Corporate Finance

  • A Career in Corporate Finance
  • Types of Person Working in Corporate Finance
  • Qualifications and Skills for Corporate Finance
  • How do I Get into Corporate Finance?
  • Working Areas
  • Benefits of Pursuing a Corporate Finance Career Within Professional Services


After completing all the modules of the Corporate Finance: Coping with Financial Downturn course, your learning will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice based exam. You may choose to participate in a Mock Exam before attending the Corporate Finance: Coping with Financial Downturn course completion Final Exam with no extra cost.


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