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Xero Accounting, Finance Certification Complete Bundle – 2 Courses


Xero Accounting, Finance Certification Complete Bundle – 2 Courses This bundle includes the 2 courses ( Xero diploma, Accounting and Finance diploma ) that you need to become successful as an account or financial officer. The bundle is designed to give learners an all-inclusive opportunity to become practising accountants with the latest accounts tools. Accounting and Finance related professions have become a prominent career choice. The modern business ecosystem relies on a large number of professional accountants and financial analysts to function and grow. The business world has experienced some vast alterations in recent years and the need for competent accounting experts has risen steadily. In these Xero Accounting, Finance Certification Complete Bundle – 2 Courses bundle, you will get step-by-step guidelines on accounts and financial analysis, as well as the use of Xero, accounts software. You will also understand how Xero can help your business to efficiently manage accounts and payroll information without bulky ledgers and manual requisition applications. Why Xero Accounting, Finance Certification Complete Bundle – 2 Courses Course? Excel your skills to the next level with our all-in-one course bundles. We are offering a huge range of premium bundled courses at a reduced price. These courses are arranged to – Provide you with the foundation and equip you with the necessary skills to apply them in the real world. Help stimulate your skill set to prepare you to succeed in your venture. Be incredible for any learner looking to achieve and utilize valuable specialized skills and knowledge, enabling you to dominate in progress and growth. Why choose Xero Accounting, Finance Certification Complete Bundle – 2 Courses: 100% Online program No time limits. Learn At Your Own Pace. Expert Instructors/Professional Trainers A multinational student base Video Lessons Further reading where necessary Up-to-date curriculum and effective guidelines. CPD Accredited Certification. Instant Digital Certificate (Hardcopy available on-demand)

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The Xero Accounting, Finance Certification Complete Bundle – 2 Courses is designed specifically to provide you with the best in professional training and industry knowledge. Our bundle is crafted with our best courses on the topic so you get everything you need to make the most of your career. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of Xero Accounting and Finance, covering the fundamentals and beyond. The Xero Accounting, Finance Certification Complete Bundle – 2 Courses includes:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Xero Accounting Diploma

Each course included in the bundle has been broken down into multiple bite-size modules, so you can learn without overloading yourself. Courses are carefully designed by experienced professionals who will take you through each topic step-by-step. Focusing on both practical and theoretical understanding this Xero Accounting, Finance Certification Complete Bundle – 2 Courses is sure to give you the competitive edge over your peers.

Course Curriculum

***Xero Accounting, Finance Certification Complete Bundle – 2 Courses***

**Accounting and Finance**

Accounting and Finance – Module : 01

  • Introduction
  • First Transactions

Accounting and Finance – Module : 02

  • Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet Variations

Accounting and Finance – Module : 03

  • Accruals Accounting is Fundamental
  • Trial Balance 3 days ago More

**Xero Accounting Diploma**

  • Introduction To The Course And Your Tutor
  • Activating Your Free Trial With Xero

Xero Accounting Diploma – Getting started

  • Signing Up For The Free Trial
  • Instruction of Updated Xero Accounting Software

Xero Accounting Diploma – Setting up the system

  • Add Bank Accounts To The System
  • Enter Opening Balances

Xero Accounting Diploma – Nominal ledger

  • Amend The Nominal Ledger
  • Chart Of Accounts Report

Xero Accounting Diploma – Customers & Suppliers

  • Enter customers
  • Entering suppliers

Xero Accounting Diploma – Sales ledger

  • Enter Invoices
  • Invoicing tips – adding logo, repeat billing

Xero Accounting Diploma – Suppliers

  • Post supplier invoices
  • Enter suppliers invoices 6028 onwards

Xero Accounting Diploma – Purchases ledger

  • Receipts from Customers
  • Apply Customer Credit Notes

Xero Accounting Diploma – Sundry payments

  • Post Supplier Cheques
  • Apply Supplier Credit Notes

Xero Accounting Diploma – Sundry payments

  • Post Sundry Payments
  • Make a credit card payment

Xero Accounting Diploma – Petty Cash

  • Add Petty Cash Transactions – Week 1
  • Add Petty Cash Transactions – Week 2

Xero Accounting Diploma – Bad Debt

  • Writing Off A Bad Debt – Print Customer Statement
  • Write Off A Bad Debt

Xero Accounting Diploma – Credit Card

  • Reconcile The Credit Card Statement

Xero Accounting Diploma – Bank Reconciliation

  • Bank Statement As A CSV File
  • Bank Statement Closing Balances

Xero Accounting Diploma – Payroll / Wages

  • Wages And Salaries
  • Post the Wages Journal

Xero Accounting Diploma – VAT – Value Added Tax

  • Depreciation
  • VAT Return

Xero Accounting Diploma – Reports

  • Month End Reports PnL, BS, TB

Xero Accounting Diploma – Payroll unit

  • Using Payroll
  • Setting Up Employees

Xero Accounting Diploma – Conclude

  • Recap And Next Steps
  • What happens next

This 2-in-1 Bundle: Accounting and Finance with Xero is a well-thought bundle developed by industry experts and it has already proven beneficial for many of our students. The courses exclusively focus on deep practical knowledge of financial concepts and accounting with Xero software.


After completing all the modules of the course, your learning will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice based exam. You may choose to participate in a Mock Exam before attending the course completion Final Exam with no extra cost.


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